Electro Pop Dreams

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Electro Pop Dreams XSR003

Electro Pop Dreams are positive tracks for fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. Good vibes guaranteed.

Xtra Syncs XSR003

  • 001Back TogetherMain3:39
  • 002Can You Feel ItMain4:13
  • 003Hit Em HardMain3:56
  • 004GirlsMain3:48
  • 005DescendingMain3:02
  • 006Sugar CoatedMain4:38
  • 007Big Black YouthMain3:30
  • 008Back TogetherMix 60s1:00
  • 009Back TogetherMix 15s0:16
  • 010Back TogetherMix 30s0:32
  • 011Back TogetherMix 90s1:20
  • 012Back TogetherInstrumental Mix 90s1:20
  • 013Can You Feel ItReduced Mix4:14
  • 014Hit Em HardMix 60s1:00
  • 015Hit Em HardMix 15s0:15
  • 016Hit Em HardMix 30s0:30
  • 017Hit Em HardMix 90s1:19
  • 018Hit Em HardReduced Mix3:56
  • 019Hit Em HardInstrumental Mix 60s1:00
  • 020GirlsMix 60s1:00
  • 021GirlsInstrumental Mix 60s1:00
  • 022GirlsMix 15s0:15
  • 023GirlsMix 30s0:31
  • 024GirlsMix 90s1:21
  • 025GirlsInstrumental Mix 90s1:20
  • 026GirlsReduced Mix3:33
  • 027DescendingMix 60s1:00
  • 028DescendingInstrumental Mix 60s1:00
  • 029DescendingMix 15s0:15
  • 030DescendingMix 30s0:30
  • 031DescendingMix 90s1:21
  • 032DescendingInstrumental Mix 90s1:21
  • 033DescendingReduced Mix3:02
  • 034Sugar CoatedMix 60s1:01
  • 035Sugar CoatedMix 15s0:16
  • 036Sugar CoatedMix 30s0:30
  • 037Sugar CoatedMix 90s1:20
  • 038Sugar CoatedReduced Mix4:38
  • 039Big Black YouthMix 60s1:00
  • 040Big Black YouthMix 15s0:15
  • 041Big Black YouthMix 30s0:30
  • 042Big Black YouthMix 90s1:20
  • 043Big Black YouthReduced Mix3:30




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