Angie Dixon

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Angie Dixon XSR002

Haunting and emotional, raw and moving

Xtra Syncs XSR002

  • 001Dancing With ButterflysMain1:04
  • 002Copy For My AncestorsMain1:53
  • 003Journey Of My SoulMain2:28
  • 004LaloMain2:12
  • 005StrongerMain2:21
  • 006People TreeMain2:07
  • 007Tigers JourneyMain3:32
  • 008The WildlingsMain2:09
  • 009And Then There Was YouMain3:24
  • 010Distant ShadowsMain3:33
  • 011Dancing With ButterflysOutro 60s1:10
  • 012And Then There Was YouMix 44s0:44
  • 013And Then There Was YouMix 55s0:55
  • 014Copy For My AncestorsIntro 60s1:02
  • 015Copy For My AncestorsOutro 60s0:37
  • 016Copy For My AncestorsIntro 45s0:45
  • 017Copy For My AncestorsIntro 63s1:04
  • 018Journey Of My SoulMix 40s0:41
  • 019Journey Of My SoulMix 47s0:48
  • 020Journey Of My SoulMix 60s1:02
  • 021Distant ShadowsMix 60s1:02
  • 022Distant ShadowsMix 80s1:32
  • 023The WildlingsMix 18s0:18
  • 024The WildlingsMix 70s1:16
  • 025People TreeOutro 67s1:10
  • 026People TreeMix 20s0:19
  • 027People TreeIntro 24s0:24
  • 028People TreeIntro 37s0:36
  • 029StrongerMix 16s0:16
  • 030StrongerMix 34s0:34
  • 031StrongerMix 60s1:02
  • 032LaloIntro 30s0:56
  • 033LaloOutro 25s0:25
  • 034LaloIntro 73s1:13




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