Under The Same Sky

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Under The Same Sky TM050

Cinematic Scandi Noir tracks with beautiful strings, stark soundscapes and bleak motifs. Perfect for drama, crime and investigation

Thermal Music TM050

  • 001On The RunMain3:36
  • 002Under A Gloaming SkyMain3:44
  • 003FleetMain2:49
  • 004The KeepMain3:05
  • 005The Walk HomeMain3:32
  • 006TundraMain3:59
  • 007Is This The EndMain4:24
  • 008On The Run300:30
  • 009Under A Gloaming Sky300:30
  • 010Fleet300:31
  • 011The Keep300:30
  • 012The Walk Home300:30
  • 013Tundra300:30
  • 014Tundra300:30
  • 015Is This The End300:30
  • 016On The Run601:00
  • 017Under A Gloaming Sky601:00
  • 018Fleet601:00
  • 019The Keep601:00
  • 020The Walk Home601:00
  • 021Tundra601:00
  • 022Tundra601:00
  • 023Is This The End601:00
  • 024On The RunAlt 13:36
  • 025On The RunAlt 23:36
  • 026Under A Gloaming SkyAlt3:44
  • 027FleetAlt 12:52
  • 028FleetAlt 22:52
  • 029The KeepAlt3:05
  • 030The Walk HomeAlt3:30
  • 031TundraAlt3:57
  • 032Is This The EndAlt4:24




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