Alt Pop

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Alt Pop TM042

Male and female vocal-led alt pop, moving from cool and luxurious tunes for the city to warm and reflective acoustic ballads for the outdoors

Thermal Music TM042

  • 001Let GoMain2:56
  • 002Find A WayMain2:30
  • 003SpellboundMain2:38
  • 004All My Life It's YouMain2:53
  • 005Feels So GoodMain2:34
  • 006Sail AwayMain2:22
  • 007Let Go300:30
  • 008Find A Way300:30
  • 009Spellbound300:29
  • 010All My Life It's You300:30
  • 011Feels So Good300:30
  • 012Sail Away300:30
  • 013Let Go601:00
  • 014Find A Way601:00
  • 015Spellbound601:00
  • 016All My Life It's You601:00
  • 017Feels So Good601:00
  • 018Sail Away600:59
  • 019Let GoInstrumental2:56
  • 020Find A WayInstrumental2:30
  • 021SpellboundInstrumental2:38
  • 022All My Life It's YouInstrumental2:53
  • 023Feels So GoodInstrumental2:34
  • 024Sail AwayInstrumental2:22




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