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Bleaktronica TM033

Haunting Soundscapes, Metallic Synths and Low, Evolving Drones

Thermal Music TM033

  • 001AntithesisMain3:24
  • 002The Static SpiralMain3:02
  • 003Digital SavantMain2:03
  • 004Moving Through The CircuitMain3:13
  • 005Streets Of HopeMain2:48
  • 006Lying AwakeMain3:30
  • 007The Hiding ManMain3:38
  • 008March Of The DroidsMain2:05
  • 009Glitch In The MindMain3:44
  • 010The ConjurerMain3:47
  • 011Antithesis30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 012The Static Spiral30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 013Digital Savant30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 014Moving Through The Circuit30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 015Streets Of Hope30 Seconds Edit0:31
  • 016Lying Awake30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 017The Hiding Man30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 018March Of The Droids30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 019Glitch In The Mind30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 020The Conjurer30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 021Antithesis60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 022The Static Spiral60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 023Digital Savant60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 024Moving Through The Circuit60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 025Streets Of Hope60 Seconds Edit1:01
  • 026Lying Awake60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 027The Hiding Man60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 028March Of The Droids60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 029Glitch In The Mind60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 030The Conjurer60 Seconds Edit1:00




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