Dark Analogue Beds and Pulses

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Dark Analogue Beds and Pulses TM028

Dark, analogue synths and sound design

Thermal Music TM028

  • 001This Is TortureMain1:33
  • 002Keep RunningMain1:52
  • 003Dark Tunnel VisionMain2:07
  • 004Cracks But No LightMain1:49
  • 005Cold WarMain2:01
  • 006SinkholeMain1:43
  • 007Breathe And ReleaseMain1:36
  • 008Helicopter PulseMain2:19
  • 009On the Other SideMain1:30
  • 010DarkestMain1:48
  • 011Dark Sombre DroneMain2:08
  • 012This Is Torture30 Seconds Edit0:29
  • 013Keep Running30 Seconds Edit0:31
  • 014Dark Tunnel Vision30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 015Cracks But No Light30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 016Cold War30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 017Sinkhole30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 018Breathe And Release30 Seconds Edit0:29
  • 019Helicopter Pulse30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 020On the Other Side30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 021Darkest30 Seconds Edit0:31
  • 022Dark Sombre Drone30 Seconds Edit0:30
  • 023This Is Torture60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 024Keep Running60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 025Dark Tunnel Vision60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 026Cracks But No Light60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 027Cold War60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 028Sinkhole60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 029Breathe And Release60 Seconds Edit0:59
  • 030Helicopter Pulse60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 031On the Other Side60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 032Darkest60 Seconds Edit1:00
  • 033Dark Sombre Drone60 Seconds Edit1:00




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