Ambient Guitar

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Ambient Guitar TM002

A gentle blend of guitar & synth textures to create uplifting and emotive soundscapes

Thermal Music TM002

  • 001Over All Of UsMain2:13
  • 002DarbyMain2:32
  • 003New Light MorningMain2:58
  • 004Golden GlowMain3:03
  • 005Yew TreesMain3:52
  • 006Little AppleMain3:47
  • 007Tender NightMain2:09
  • 008Arcadian WingsMain2:06
  • 009Time Is Still ShortMain1:35
  • 010AmbexMain1:48
  • 011Over All Of Us601:00
  • 012Over All Of Us300:31
  • 013Darby601:00
  • 014Darby300:30
  • 015New Light Morning600:59
  • 016New Light Morning300:30
  • 017Golden Glow601:01
  • 018Golden Glow300:30
  • 019Yew Trees601:00
  • 020Yew Trees300:30
  • 021Little Apple601:00
  • 022Little Apple300:30
  • 023Tender Night601:00
  • 024Tender Night300:30
  • 025Arcadian Wings601:01
  • 026Arcadian Wings300:30
  • 027Time Is Still Short601:00
  • 028Time Is Still Short300:30
  • 029Ambex601:00
  • 030Ambex300:30




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