Out Of Body by Caitlin Cameron

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Out Of Body by Caitlin Cameron SSMVOX012

Explore the emotional depth of rising indie folk sensation Caitlin Cameron with her latest album, 'Out Of Body.' With a distinctive voice and captivating indie style, Cameron delivers moving tracks that resonate deeply, solidifying her status as a rising star in the indie music world

Space & Sound Music SSMVOX012

  • 001Safe and SoundFull Mix3:32
  • 002Safe and SoundInstrumental3:32
  • 003Safe and SoundAcapella3:32
  • 004MedicineFull Mix4:06
  • 005MedicineInstrumental4:06
  • 006MedicineAcapella4:12
  • 007Seasonal DepressionFull Mix3:25
  • 008Seasonal DepressionInstrumental3:25
  • 009Seasonal DepressionAcapella3:26
  • 010SkinFull Mix4:58
  • 011SkinInstrumental4:58
  • 012SkinAcapella5:04
  • 013Only Sixteen OnceFull Mix3:10
  • 014Only Sixteen OnceInstrumental3:10
  • 015Only Sixteen OnceAcapella3:10




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