Life & Times of John Jones vol 1 Vintage Soul

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Life & Times of John Jones vol 1 Vintage Soul SSMVOX009

"Life & Times of John Jones Vol 1" is a soul-stirring journey through the extraordinary voice of John Jones. His remarkable vocals, steeped in the classic R&B tradition, take center stage, infusing every track with timeless, soulful brilliance.

Space & Sound Music SSMVOX009

  • 001SwoopFull Mix2:45
  • 002SwoopINST2:45
  • 003SwoopACAPELLA2:45
  • 004Latch On To MeFull Mix3:07
  • 005Latch On To MeINST3:07
  • 006Latch On To MeACAPELLA3:07
  • 007VictoryFull Mix2:57
  • 008VictoryINST2:57
  • 009VictoryACAPELLA2:57
  • 010Pinot GrigioFull Mix3:05
  • 011Pinot GrigioINST3:05
  • 012Pinot GrigioACAPELLA3:05
  • 013That Thing You DoFull Mix2:53
  • 014That Thing You DoINST2:53
  • 015That Thing You DoACAPELLA2:53
  • 016CocolevioFull Mix3:24
  • 017CocolevioINST3:24
  • 018CocolevioACAPELLA3:24
  • 019Re-UpFull Mix3:07
  • 020Re-UpINST3:07
  • 021Re-UpACAPELLA3:07
  • 022TattooFull Mix3:06
  • 023TattooINST3:06
  • 024TattooACAPELLA3:06




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