Afrobeat by 31 Ronin

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Afrobeat by 31 Ronin SSMVOX008

This collection of Afrobeat tracks was produced and performed by up-and-coming Afrobeat star 31 Ronin

Space & Sound Music SSMVOX008

  • 001Chop LifeFull Mix3:35
  • 002Blind LoveFull Mix2:56
  • 003Blind LoveInstrumental2:56
  • 004Blind LoveAcapella2:56
  • 005BodyFull Mix2:58
  • 006BodyInstrumental2:57
  • 007BodyAcapella2:57
  • 008FairytaleFull Mix2:44
  • 009FairytaleAcapella2:44
  • 010FairytaleInstrumental2:44
  • 011Deep WithinFull Mix3:01
  • 012Deep WithinInstrumental3:01
  • 013Deep WithinAcapella3:01
  • 014CommanderFull Mix2:28
  • 015CommanderInstrumental2:28
  • 016CommanderAcapella2:28
  • 017It's going DownFull Mix3:14
  • 018It's going DownInstrumental3:14
  • 019It's going DownAcapella3:14
  • 020No be RegularFull Mix3:26
  • 021ShimimiyeFull Mix2:43




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