Unstoppable Female Empowerment

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Unstoppable Female Empowerment SSMVOX006

Unstoppable is a collection of modern female empowerment tracks. Combining catchy sassy vocal phrases with strong pop beats makes this collection great for Realty TV, Sports and Commercials

Space & Sound Music SSMVOX006

  • 001Lil MamaFull Mix1:48
  • 002Lil MamaInstrumental Mix1:48
  • 003Lil MamaAlt Mix No Brass1:48
  • 004Lil Mama60 sec1:00
  • 005Lil Mama30 sec0:30
  • 006Lil Mama15 sec0:15
  • 007Lil MamaVocals Stems1:45
  • 008Lil MamaStrings Stems1:45
  • 009Lil MamaInst Stems1:47
  • 010Lil MamaSFX Stems1:43
  • 011Lil MamaDrums Stems1:44
  • 012Make it WrkFull Mix1:30
  • 013Make it WrkInstrumental Mix1:30
  • 014Make it WrkALT Mix1:30
  • 015Make it Wrk60 sec1:00
  • 016Make it Wrk30 sec0:30
  • 017Make it Wrk15 sec0:15
  • 018Make it WrkVocal Stems1:29
  • 019Make it WrkLead Inst Stems1:35
  • 020Make it WrkInst Stems1:35
  • 021Make it WrkDrum Stems1:27
  • 022Make it WrkSFX Stems1:27
  • 023WarriorFull Mix1:36
  • 024WarriorInstrumental Mix1:36
  • 025WarriorAlt No leads Mix1:36
  • 026Warrior60 sec1:00
  • 027Warrior30 sec0:30
  • 028Warrior15 sec0:15
  • 029WarriorVocal Stems1:34
  • 030WarriorVocoder Stems1:32
  • 031WarriorSFX Stems1:36
  • 032WarriorInst Stems1:36
  • 033WarriorClap Stems1:31
  • 034Warrior808 Stem1:32
  • 035WarriorDrum Stems1:33
  • 036UnstoppableFull Mix1:45
  • 037UnstoppableInstrumental Mix1:45
  • 038UnstoppableAlt Mix No Horns1:45
  • 039Unstoppable60 sec1:00
  • 040Unstoppable30 sec0:30
  • 041Unstoppable15 sec0:15
  • 042UnstoppableVocal Stems1:42
  • 043UnstoppableHorn Stems1:38
  • 044UnstoppableBass Stems1:41
  • 045UnstoppableDrum Stems1:37
  • 046UnstoppableSfx Stems1:45
  • 047GirlsFull Mix2:03
  • 048GirlsInstrumental Mix2:01
  • 049GirlsAlt Mix No Strings2:03
  • 050Girls60 sec1:00
  • 051Girls30 sec0:30
  • 052Girls15 sec0:15
  • 053GirlsVocal Stems2:02
  • 054GirlsGuitar Stem1:28
  • 055GirlsInst Stem2:03
  • 056GirlsBass Stem2:00
  • 057GirlsDrums Stem2:00
  • 058GirlsSfx Stem1:47
  • 059I Run ThisFull Mix1:28
  • 060I Run ThisInstrumental Mix1:28
  • 061I Run ThisAlt Mix No Horns1:28
  • 062I Run This60 Secs1:00
  • 063I Run This30 Secs0:30
  • 064I Run This15 Secs0:15
  • 065I Run ThisVocal Stems1:32
  • 066I Run ThisInst Stems1:36
  • 067I Run ThisBass Stems1:32
  • 068I Run ThisDrum Stems1:32
  • 069No One Like MeFull Mix1:43
  • 070No On Like MeInstrumental Mix1:43
  • 071No One Like MeAlt Mix1:43
  • 072No One Like Me60 sec1:00
  • 073No One Like Me30 sec0:30
  • 074No One Like Me15 sec0:15
  • 075No On Like MeVocals Stems1:44
  • 076No On Like MeHorn Stems1:44
  • 077No On Like MeInst Stems1:44
  • 078No On Like MeDrums1:44
  • 079No On Like MeSFX Stems1:43




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