The Young Novelists Americana

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The Young Novelists Americana SSMVOX005

The Young Novelist is a Toronto based Band fronted by husband wife Grandon James and Laura Spink. They have won the Canadian Folk Music Award for New/Emerging Artist. They have the ability to tell familiar stories with a modern folk/Americana edge which makes their songs instant classics.

Space & Sound Music SSMVOX005

  • 001Those Who Come AlongFull Mix3:02
  • 002She'll Come Back I KnowFull Mix2:58
  • 003She'll Come Back I KnowAlt Mix Instrumental2:58
  • 004RivalryFull Mix4:17
  • 005RivalryAlt Mix Instrumental4:17
  • 006AnthemFull Mix4:10
  • 007AnthemAlt Mix Instrumental4:10
  • 008I Was Born In Your TownFull Mix3:11
  • 009I Was Born In Your TownAlt Mix Instrumental3:11
  • 010I Don't Mind If You Break My HeartFull Mix5:53
  • 011I Don't Mind If You Break My HeartAlt Mix Instrumental5:53
  • 012Keep Your FaithFull Mix4:27
  • 013Keep Your FaithAlt Mix Instrumental3:15
  • 015Family SongAlt Mix Instrumental3:15
  • 016All I NeedFull Mix3:46
  • 017All I NeedAlt Mix Instrumental3:46
  • 018Don't You Wish It WasFull Mix3:07
  • 019Don't You Wish It WasAlt Mix Instrumental3:07




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