Massive Mustard Rap

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Massive Mustard Rap SSMVOX004

Massive Mustard Rap is all about fun positive rap! Featuring male and femal Rapers. This collection is especially great for Commercials, Reality TV and Sports

Space & Sound Music SSMVOX004

  • 001BossFull Mix1:15
  • 002BossAlt Mix Instrumental1:15
  • 003BossAlt Mix Acapella1:15
  • 004BounceFull Mix1:15
  • 005BounceAlt Mix Instrumental1:15
  • 006BounceAlt Mix Acapella1:15
  • 007Good TimeFull Mix1:25
  • 008Good TimeAlt Mix Instrumental1:25
  • 009Good TimeAlt Mix Acapella1:25
  • 010We Doing EverythingFull Mix1:25
  • 011We Doing EverythingAlt Mix Instrumental1:25
  • 012We Doing EverythingAlt Mix Acapella1:25
  • 013I'm the BestFull Mix1:17
  • 014I'm the BestAlt Mix Instrumental1:17
  • 015I'm the BestAlt Mix Acapella1:17
  • 016Drop ItFull Mix1:31
  • 017Drop ItAlt Mix Instrumental1:31
  • 018Drop ItAlt Mix Acapella1:31
  • 019Go Crazy On EmFull Mix1:19
  • 020Go Crazy On EmAltl Mix Instrumental1:19
  • 021Go Crazy On EmAltl Mix Acapella1:19
  • 022High LifeFull Mix1:26
  • 023High LifeAlt Mix Instrumental1:26
  • 024High LifeAlt Mix Acapella1:26
  • 025How We GoFull Mix1:25
  • 026How We GoAlt Mix Instrumental1:25
  • 027How We GoAlt Mix Acapella1:25
  • 028Breathe On ItFull Mix1:40
  • 029Breathe On ItAlt Mix Instrumental1:40
  • 030Breathe On ItAlt Mix Acapella1:40




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