Ben Cook

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Ben Cook SSMVOX003

Uplifting, emotional and joyful, this collection of feel-good tracks feature passionate vocals and moody piano that will have you longing for love.

Space & Sound Music SSMVOX003

  • 001TemptedFull Mix2:32
  • 002TemptedAlt Mix Instrumental2:32
  • 003TemptedAlt Mix Acapella2:17
  • 004Got Your VibeFull Mix2:32
  • 005Got Your VibeAlt Mix Instrumental2:32
  • 006Got Your VibeAlt Mix Acapella2:15
  • 007Oceans ApartFull Mix3:16
  • 008Oceans ApartAlt Mix Instrumental3:16
  • 009Oceans ApartAlt Mix Acapella2:58
  • 010Talking To The StarsFull Mix3:22
  • 011Talking To The StarsAlt Mix Instrumental3:22
  • 012Talking To The StarsAlt Mix Acapella3:22




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