I Like It by Blaze Roberts

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I Like It by Blaze Roberts SSMVOX001

Upbeat, powerful and fun, these pop tracks feature dynamic male vocals and energetic drums that will make any production soar.

Space & Sound Music SSMVOX001

  • 001I Like ItFull Mix2:50
  • 002I Like ItInstrumental Mix2:50
  • 003I Like ItVocals Only Mix2:50
  • 004Break Me DownFull Mix3:08
  • 005Break Me DownInstrumental Mix3:08
  • 006Break Me DownVocals Only Mix3:08
  • 007SmileFull Mix3:07
  • 008SmileInstrumental Mix3:07
  • 009SmileVocals Mix3:07
  • 010Don't MatterFull Mix3:58
  • 011Don't MatterInstrumental Mix3:58
  • 012Don't MatterVocals Only Mix3:58
  • 013SpellFull Mix3:13
  • 014SpellInstrumental Mix3:13
  • 015SpellVocals Mix3:13
  • 016B-SideFull Mix3:05
  • 017B-SideInstrumental Mix3:05
  • 018B-SideVocals Only Mix3:05
  • 019Wont Give UpFull Mix3:08
  • 020Wont Give UpInstrumental Mix3:08
  • 021Wont Give UpVocals Only Mix3:08




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