Sonic Couture Electro Pop

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Sonic Couture Electro Pop SSM0239

Sonic Couture delivers an upbeat, bouncy Electro Pop experience, fusing catchy synths and stylish cut-up vocal samples. A fresh, fun backdrop to elevate your visuals with modern energy.

Space & Sound Music SSM0239

  • 001Electric UniverseFull Mix1:37
  • 002Electric UniverseAlt Mix No Leads1:37
  • 003Electric Universe60sec1:00
  • 004Electric Universe30sec0:30
  • 005Electric Universe15sec0:15
  • 006Electric UniverseLeads Stem1:37
  • 007Electric UniverseSynth Stabs Stem1:37
  • 008Electric UniverseSynth Plucks Stem1:37
  • 009Electric UniversePad Stem1:37
  • 010Electric UniverseBass Stem1:37
  • 011Electric UniversePercussion Stem1:37
  • 012Electric UniverseDrums Stem1:37
  • 013Electric UniverseFX Stem1:37
  • 014Turn It UpFull Mix1:40
  • 015Turn It UpAlt Mix No Leads1:40
  • 016Turn It Up60sec1:00
  • 017Turn It Up30sec0:30
  • 018Turn It Up15sec0:15
  • 019Turn It UpVocal Stem1:40
  • 020Turn It UpLeads Stem1:40
  • 021Turn It UpSynth Stabs Stem1:40
  • 022Turn It UpSynth FX Stem1:40
  • 023Turn It UpBass Stem1:40
  • 024Turn It UpPercussion Stem1:40
  • 025Turn It UpDrums Stem1:40
  • 026Turn It UpFX Stem1:40
  • 027Star StruckFull Mix1:41
  • 028Star StruckAlt Mix No Leads1:41
  • 029Star Struck60sec1:00
  • 030Star Struck30sec0:30
  • 031Star Struck15sec0:15
  • 032Star StruckVocal Lead Stem1:41
  • 033Star StruckSynth Stabs Stem1:41
  • 034Star StruckSynth Lead Stem1:41
  • 035Star StruckBass Stem1:41
  • 036Star StruckDrums Stem1:41
  • 037Star StruckPercussion Stem1:41
  • 038Star StruckFX Stem1:41
  • 039Sonic RevolutionFull Mix1:38
  • 040Sonic RevolutionAlt Mix No Lead1:38
  • 041Sonic Revolution60sec1:00
  • 042Sonic Revolution30sec0:30
  • 043Sonic Revolution15sec0:15
  • 044Sonic RevolutionLeads Stem1:38
  • 045Sonic RevolutionSynth Stabs Stem1:38
  • 046Sonic RevolutionSynth Pluck Stem1:38
  • 047Sonic RevolutionBass Stem1:38
  • 048Sonic RevolutionDrums Stem1:38
  • 049Sonic RevolutionFX Stem1:38
  • 050All or NothingFull Mix1:45
  • 051All or NothingAlt Mix No Leads1:45
  • 052All or Nothing60sec1:00
  • 053All or Nothing30sec0:30
  • 054All or Nothing15sec0:15
  • 055All or NothingVocal Lead Stem1:45
  • 056All or NothingSynth Lead Stem1:45
  • 057All or NothingSynth Stab Stem1:45
  • 058All or NothingBass Stem1:45
  • 059All or NothingDrums Stem1:45
  • 060All or NothingFX Stem1:45
  • 061Divas and DiamondsFull Mix1:39
  • 062Divas and DiamondsAlt Mix No Lead1:39
  • 063Divas and Diamonds60sec1:00
  • 064Divas and Diamonds30sec0:30
  • 065Divas and Diamonds15sec0:15
  • 066Divas and DiamondsLeads Stem1:39
  • 067Divas and DiamondsSynth Stabs Stem1:39
  • 068Divas and DiamondsBass Stem1:39
  • 069Divas and DiamondsDrums Stem1:39
  • 070Divas and DiamondsShaker Stem1:39
  • 071Divas and DiamondsFX Stem1:39
  • 072Neon PulseFull Mix1:36
  • 073Neon PulseAlt Mix No Leads1:36
  • 074Neon Pulse60sec1:00
  • 075Neon Pulse30sec0:30
  • 076Neon Pulse15sec0:15
  • 077Neon PulseLeads Stem1:36
  • 078Neon PulseSynth Stabs Stem1:36
  • 079Neon PulseSynth Plucks Stem1:36
  • 080Neon PulsePad Stem1:36
  • 081Neon PulseGuitar Stem1:36
  • 082Neon PulseBass Stem1:36
  • 083Neon PulseDrums Stem1:36
  • 084Neon PulsePercussion Stem1:36
  • 085Neon PulseFX Stem1:36
  • 086Fashion FrenzyFull Mix1:41
  • 087Fashion FrenzyAlt Mix No Leads1:41
  • 088Fashion Frenzy60sec1:00
  • 089Fashion Frenzy30sec0:30
  • 090Fashion Frenzy15sec0:15
  • 091Fashion FrenzyLeads Stem1:41
  • 092Fashion FrenzySynth Stabs Stem1:41
  • 093Fashion FrenzySynth Plucks Stem1:41
  • 094Fashion FrenzyPad Stem1:41
  • 095Fashion FrenzyBass Stem1:41
  • 096Fashion FrenzyDrums Stem1:41
  • 097Fashion FrenzyFX Stem1:41




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