Percussive Hype

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Percussive Hype SSM0238

"Percussive Hype" - a powerhouse album merging modern production with explosive percussion, delivering an adrenaline-packed sonic punch. Tailored for sports, advertising, and any production in need of an energetic kick. Unleash the energy, elevate the hype!

Space & Sound Music SSM0238

  • 001The PulseFull Mix1:26
  • 002The PulseAlt Mix No Lead1:26
  • 003The Pulse60sec1:00
  • 004The Pulse30sec0:30
  • 005The Pulse15sec0:15
  • 006The PulseSynths Stem1:26
  • 007The PulseBass Stem1:26
  • 008The PulsePercussion Stem1:26
  • 009The PulseDrums Stem1:26
  • 010The PulseFx Stem1:26
  • 011The PulseVocals Stem1:26
  • 012City GrooveFull Mix1:34
  • 013City GrooveAlt Mix No Lead1:34
  • 014City Groove60sec1:00
  • 015City Groove30sec0:30
  • 016City Groove15sec0:15
  • 017City GrooveVocal Stem1:34
  • 018City GrooveSynth Stem1:34
  • 019City GrooveHorns Stem1:34
  • 020City GrooveBass Stem1:34
  • 021City GroovePercussion Stem1:34
  • 022City GrooveDrums Stem1:34
  • 023Rhythm Of DreamsFull Mix1:35
  • 024Rhythm Of DreamsAlt Mix No Leads1:35
  • 025Rhythm Of Dreams60sec1:00
  • 026Rhythm Of Dreams30sec0:30
  • 027Rhythm Of Dreams15sec0:15
  • 028Rhythm Of DreamsKeys Stem1:35
  • 029Rhythm Of DreamsPercussion Stem1:35
  • 030Rhythm Of DreamsDrums Stem1:35
  • 031Beats JourneyFull Mix1:26
  • 032Beats JourneyAlt Mix No Bass1:26
  • 033Beats Journey60sec1:00
  • 034Beats Journey30sec0:30
  • 035Beats Journey15sec0:15
  • 036Beats JourneyPercussion Stem1:26
  • 037Beats JourneyBass Stem1:26
  • 038Beats JourneyDrums Stem1:26
  • 039Beats JourneyFx Stem1:26
  • 040Small ZebraFull Mix1:37
  • 041Small ZebraAlt Mix No Lead1:37
  • 042Small Zebra60sec1:00
  • 043Small Zebra30sec0:30
  • 044Small Zebra15sec0:15
  • 045Small ZebraLead Stem1:37
  • 046Small ZebraSynths Stem1:37
  • 047Small ZebraBass Stem1:37
  • 048Small ZebraPercussion Stem1:37
  • 049Small ZebraDrums Stem1:37
  • 050Small ZebraFx Stem1:37




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