Tuff as Nails Edgy Gritty Rock

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Tuff as Nails Edgy Gritty Rock SSM0234

"Tuff AS NAILS" delivers unfiltered rock energy. Raw, bold, and no apologies. From gritty action to intense moments, these tracks pack a punch. Get ready to turn it up.

Space & Sound Music SSM0234

  • 001Rock the StadiumFull Mix2:02
  • 002Rock the StadiumAlt Mix No Leads2:02
  • 003Rock the Stadium60sec1:00
  • 004Rock the Stadium30sec0:30
  • 005Rock the Stadium15sec0:15
  • 006Rock the StadiumLead Guitars Stem2:02
  • 007Rock the StadiumRhythm Guitars Stem2:02
  • 008Rock the StadiumBass Stem2:02
  • 009Rock the StadiumDrums Stem2:02
  • 010Big BricksFull Mix1:40
  • 011Big BricksAlt Mix No Lead1:40
  • 012Big Bricks60sec0:59
  • 013Big Bricks30sec0:29
  • 014Big Bricks15sec0:14
  • 015Big BricksGuiitar Stem 11:40
  • 016Big BricksGuiitar Stem 21:40
  • 017Big BricksBass Stem1:40
  • 018Big BricksDrums Stem1:40
  • 019Solid WorkFull Mix1:41
  • 020Solid WorkAlt Mix No Lead1:41
  • 021Solid Work60sec0:59
  • 022Solid Work30sec0:29
  • 023Solid Work15sec0:14
  • 024Solid WorkGuitars Stem_11:41
  • 025Solid WorkGuitars Stem_21:41
  • 026Solid WorkBass Stem1:41
  • 027Solid WorkDrums Stem1:41
  • 028Born To Be BadFull Mix1:55
  • 029Born To Be BadAlt Mix No Leads1:55
  • 030Born To Be Bad60sec1:00
  • 031Born To Be Bad30sec0:30
  • 032Born To Be Bad15sec0:15
  • 033Born To Be BadVocal Stem1:55
  • 034Born To Be BadSynth Stem1:55
  • 035Born To Be BadLead Guitars Stem1:55
  • 036Born To Be BadRhythm Guitars Stem1:55
  • 037Born To Be BadBass Stem1:55
  • 038Born To Be BadDrums Stem1:55
  • 039Fire In My HeartFull Mix1:51
  • 040Fire In My HeartAlt Mix No Leads1:51
  • 041Fire In My Heart60sec1:00
  • 042Fire In My Heart30sec0:30
  • 043Fire In My Heart15sec0:15
  • 044Fire In My HeartLead Guitars Stem1:51
  • 045Fire In My HeartRhythm Guitars Stem1:51
  • 046Fire In My HeartBass Stem1:51
  • 047Fire In My HeartDrums Stem1:51
  • 048With AttitudeFull Mix1:29
  • 049With AttitudeAlt Mix No Lead1:29
  • 050With Attitude60sec0:59
  • 051With Attitude30sec0:29
  • 052With Attitude15sec0:14
  • 053With AttitudePiano Stem1:29
  • 054With AttitudeGuitar Rhythm Stem1:29
  • 055With AttitudeGuitar Lead Stem1:29
  • 056With AttitudeBass Stem1:29
  • 057With AttitudeDrums Stem1:29
  • 058With AttitudeRiser Stem1:29
  • 059Ready To WorkFull Mix1:49
  • 060Ready To WorkAlt Mix No Lead1:49
  • 061Ready To Work60sec1:00
  • 062Ready To Work30sec0:29
  • 063Ready To Work15sec0:14
  • 064Ready To WorkGuitars Stem1:49
  • 065Ready To WorkOrgan Stem1:49
  • 066Ready To WorkBass Stem1:49
  • 067Ready To WorkDrums Stem1:49
  • 068Ready To WorkTambourine Stem1:49
  • 069Round The ClockFull Mix1:31
  • 070Round The ClockAlt Mix No Lead1:31
  • 071Round The Clock60sec1:00
  • 072Round The Clock30sec0:30
  • 073Round The Clock15sec0:15
  • 074Round The ClockOrgan Stem1:31
  • 075Round The ClockGuitars Stem1:31
  • 076Round The ClockBass Stem1:31
  • 077Round The ClockDrums Stem1:31
  • 078Round The ClockCymbal FX Stem1:31
  • 079Round The ClockTambourine Stem1:31
  • 080Against the GrainFull Mix1:36
  • 081Against the GrainAlt Mix No Lead1:36
  • 082Against the Grain60sec1:00
  • 083Against the Grain30sec0:30
  • 084Against the Grain15sec0:15
  • 085Against the GrainLead Stem1:34
  • 086Against the GrainKeys Stem1:34
  • 087Against the GrainGuitars Stem1:34
  • 088Against the GrainBass Stem1:34
  • 089Against the GrainDrums Stem1:34
  • 090Sunny DriveFull Mix1:46
  • 091Sunny DriveAlt Mix No Lead1:46
  • 092Sunny Drive60sec1:00
  • 093Sunny Drive30sec0:30
  • 094Sunny Drive15sec0:15
  • 095Sunny DriveLead Stem1:46
  • 096Sunny DriveSynths Stem1:46
  • 097Sunny DrivePiano Stem1:46
  • 098Sunny DriveGuitars Stem1:46
  • 099Sunny DriveBass Stem1:46
  • 100Sunny DriveDrums Stem1:46
  • 101Sunny DriveFX Stem1:46




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