This Is Americana

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This Is Americana SSM0227

Experience the heart of America with 'This Is Americana.' This instrumental album is your cinematic journey through authentic, versatile compositions that capture the soul of the country. Elevate your storytelling with its rich acoustic sounds, perfect for film and TV

Space & Sound Music SSM0227

  • 001Heartland HighwayFull Mix1:35
  • 002Heartland HighwayAlt Mix No Lead1:35
  • 003Heartland Highway60sec1:00
  • 004Heartland Highway30sec0:30
  • 005Heartland Highway15sec0:15
  • 006Heartland HighwayGuitars Mandolin Stem1:35
  • 007Heartland HighwayKeyboards Stem1:35
  • 008Heartland HighwayBass Stem1:35
  • 009Heartland HighwayShaker Tambourine Stem1:35
  • 010Heartland HighwayDrums Stem1:35
  • 011Whiskey SunsetFull Mix1:36
  • 012Whiskey SunsetAlt Mix No Lead1:36
  • 013Whiskey Sunset60sec1:00
  • 014Whiskey Sunset30sec0:30
  • 015Whiskey Sunset15sec0:15
  • 016Whiskey SunsetTrumpet Stem1:36
  • 017Whiskey SunsetKeyboards Stem1:36
  • 018Whiskey SunsetGuitars Mandolin Stem1:36
  • 019Whiskey SunsetBass Stem1:36
  • 020Whiskey SunsetPercussion Stem1:36
  • 021Whiskey SunsetDrums Stem1:36
  • 022Driving Home To HoustonFull Mix1:34
  • 023Driving Home To HoustonAlt Mix No Lead1:34
  • 024Driving Home To Houston60sec1:00
  • 025Driving Home To Houston30sec0:30
  • 026Driving Home To Houston15sec0:15
  • 027Driving Home To HoustonKeyboards Stem1:34
  • 028Driving Home To HoustonGuitars Mandolin Stem1:34
  • 029Driving Home To HoustonShaker Cymbal Stem1:34
  • 030Driving Home To HoustonBass Stem1:34
  • 031Driving Home To HoustonDrums Stem1:34
  • 032Cigarette SunriseFull Mix1:37
  • 033Cigarette SunriseAlt Mix No Lead1:37
  • 034Cigarette Sunrise60sec1:00
  • 035Cigarette Sunrise30sec0:30
  • 036Cigarette Sunrise15sec0:15
  • 037Cigarette SunrisePiano Stem1:37
  • 038Cigarette SunriseGuitars Mandolin Stem1:37
  • 039Cigarette SunriseOrgan Stem1:37
  • 040Cigarette SunriseSynth Stem1:37
  • 041Cigarette SunriseBass Stem1:37
  • 042Cigarette SunrisePercussion Stem1:37
  • 043Cigarette SunriseDrums Stem1:37
  • 044Cruising Down to CaliFull Mix1:30
  • 045Cruising Down to CaliAlt Mix No Lead1:30
  • 046Cruising Down to Cali60sec1:00
  • 047Cruising Down to Cali30sec0:30
  • 048Cruising Down to Cali15sec0:15
  • 049Cruising Down to CaliOrgan Stem1:30
  • 050Cruising Down to CaliGuitars Mandolin Stem1:30
  • 051Cruising Down to CaliBass Stem1:30
  • 052Cruising Down to CaliShaker Stem1:30
  • 053Cruising Down to CaliDrums Stem1:30
  • 054Denim DreamsFull Mix1:32
  • 055Denim DreamsAlt Mix No Lead1:32
  • 056Denim Dreams60sec1:00
  • 057Denim Dreams30sec0:30
  • 058Denim Dreams15sec0:15
  • 059Denim DreamsKeyboards Stem1:32
  • 060Denim DreamsGuitars Mandolin Stem1:32
  • 061Denim DreamsBass Stem1:32
  • 062Denim DreamsShaker Stem1:32
  • 063Denim DreamsDrums Stem1:32
  • 064The Storm Is Over NowFull Mix1:42
  • 065The Storm Is Over NowAlt Mix No Lead1:42
  • 066The Storm Is Over Now60sec1:00
  • 067The Storm Is Over Now30sec0:30
  • 068The Storm Is Over Now15sec0:15
  • 069The Storm Is Over NowViolin Stem1:42
  • 070The Storm Is Over NowKeyboards Stem1:42
  • 071The Storm Is Over NowHorns Stem1:42
  • 072The Storm Is Over NowGuitars Mandolin Stem1:42
  • 073The Storm Is Over NowBass Stem1:42
  • 074The Storm Is Over NowPercussion Claps Stem1:42
  • 075The Storm Is Over NowDrums Stem1:42
  • 076Truckin' AlongFull Mix1:37
  • 077Truckin' AlongAlt Mix No Lead1:37
  • 078Truckin' Along60sec1:00
  • 079Truckin' Along30sec0:30
  • 080Truckin' Along15sec0:15
  • 081Truckin' AlongOrgan Stem1:37
  • 082Truckin' AlongGuitars Mandolin Stem1:37
  • 083Truckin' AlongBass Stem1:37
  • 084Truckin' AlongShaker Stem1:37
  • 085Truckin' AlongDrums Stem1:37
  • 086Turning Things AroundFull Mix1:39
  • 087Turning Things AroundAlt Mix No Lead1:39
  • 088Turning Things Around60sec1:00
  • 089Turning Things Around30sec0:30
  • 090Turning Things Around15sec0:15
  • 091Turning Things AroundKeyboards Stem1:39
  • 092Turning Things AroundGuitars Stem1:39
  • 093Turning Things AroundBass Stem1:39
  • 094Turning Things AroundShaker Stem1:39
  • 095Turning Things AroundDrums Stem1:39
  • 096Venturing ForthFull Mix1:48
  • 097Venturing ForthAlt Mix No Lead1:48
  • 098Venturing Forth60sec1:00
  • 099Venturing Forth30sec0:30
  • 100Venturing Forth15sec0:15
  • 101Venturing ForthKeyboards Stem1:48
  • 102Venturing ForthGuitars Stem1:48
  • 103Venturing ForthBass Stem1:48
  • 104Venturing ForthPercussion Stem1:48
  • 105Venturing ForthDrums Stem1:48
  • 106To The HillsFull MIx2:08




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