Happy Go Lucky

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Happy Go Lucky SSM0226

"Happy Go Lucky" seamlessly blends the ukulele's upbeat melodies, creating a musical experience filled with carefree charm and an unmistakable sense of pure joy. It's the perfect choice for commercials, kids' shows, and comedy productions, adding a playful and uplifting soundtrack to enhance the mood.

Space & Sound Music SSM0226

  • 001Backyard PicnicFull Mix1:33
  • 002Backyard PicnicAlt Mix No Lead1:33
  • 003Backyard Picnic60sec1:00
  • 004Backyard Picnic30sec0:30
  • 005Backyard Picnic15sec0:15
  • 006Backyard PicnicUkuleles Stem1:33
  • 007Backyard PicnicMallets:Piano Stem1:33
  • 008Backyard PicnicGuitars Stem1:33
  • 009Backyard PicnicBass Stem1:33
  • 010Backyard PicnicClaps:Snaps Stem1:33
  • 011Backyard PicnicShaker:Tambourine Stem1:33
  • 012Backyard PicnicDrums Stem1:33
  • 013Yippee SkippyFull Mix1:37
  • 014Yippee SkippyAlt Mix No Lead1:37
  • 015Yippee Skippy60sec1:00
  • 016Yippee Skippy30sec0:30
  • 017Yippee Skippy15sec0:15
  • 018Yippee SkippyUkulele Stem1:37
  • 019Yippee SkippyMallets:Piano Stem1:37
  • 020Yippee SkippyGuitars Stem1:37
  • 021Yippee SkippyBass Stem1:37
  • 022Yippee SkippyShaker Stem1:37
  • 023Yippee SkippyClaps Stem1:37
  • 024Yippee SkippyDrums Stem1:37
  • 025A Wee Bit of FunFull Mix1:35
  • 026A Wee Bit of FunAlt Mix No Lead1:35
  • 027A Wee Bit of Fun60sec1:00
  • 028A Wee Bit of Fun30sec0:30
  • 029A Wee Bit of Fun15sec0:15
  • 030A Wee Bit of FunUkuleles Stem1:35
  • 031A Wee Bit of FunMallets:Piano Stem1:35
  • 032A Wee Bit of FunGuitars Stem1:35
  • 033A Wee Bit of FunBass Stem1:35
  • 034A Wee Bit of FunShaker:Tambourine Stem1:35
  • 035A Wee Bit of FunClaps:Snaps Stem1:35
  • 036A Wee Bit of FunDrums Stem1:35
  • 037A Summer Night in GalwayFull Mix1:32
  • 038A Summer Night in GalwayAlt Mix No Lead1:32
  • 039A Summer Night in Galway60sec1:00
  • 040A Summer Night in Galway30sec0:30
  • 041A Summer Night in Galway15sec0:15
  • 042A Summer Night in GalwayMelody Stem1:32
  • 043A Summer Night in GalwayUkuleles Stem1:32
  • 044A Summer Night in GalwayGuitars Stem1:32
  • 045A Summer Night in GalwayBass Stem1:32
  • 046A Summer Night in GalwayPercussion Stem1:32
  • 047A Summer Night in GalwayDrums Stem1:32
  • 048Happy As LarryFull Mix1:31
  • 049Happy As LarryAlt Mix No Lead1:31
  • 050Happy As Larry60sec1:00
  • 051Happy As Larry30sec0:30
  • 052Happy As Larry15sec0:15
  • 053Happy As LarryMallets:Piano Stem1:31
  • 054Happy As LarryUkuleles Stem1:31
  • 055Happy As LarryGuitars Stem1:31
  • 056Happy As LarryBass Stem1:31
  • 057Happy As LarryClaps:Snaps Stem1:31
  • 058Happy As LarryShaker Stem1:31
  • 059Happy As LarryDrums Stem1:31
  • 060Swingin' Summer DaysFull Mix1:30
  • 061Swingin' Summer DaysAlt Mix No Lead1:30
  • 062Swingin' Summer Days60sec1:00
  • 063Swingin' Summer Days30sec0:30
  • 064Swingin' Summer Days15sec0:15
  • 065Swingin' Summer DaysUkuleles Stem1:30
  • 066Swingin' Summer DaysMallets:Piano Stem1:30
  • 067Swingin' Summer DaysGuitar Stem1:30
  • 068Swingin' Summer DaysBass Stem1:30
  • 069Swingin' Summer DaysShaker Stem1:30
  • 070Swingin' Summer DaysClaps:Snaps Stem1:30
  • 071Swingin' Summer DaysDrums Stem1:30
  • 072Blue Sky DaysFull Mix2:02
  • 073Blue Sky DaysAlt Mix No Lead2:02
  • 074Blue Sky Days60sec1:00
  • 075Blue Sky Days30sec0:30
  • 076Blue Sky Days15sec0:15
  • 077Blue Sky DaysUkulele Stem2:01
  • 078Blue Sky DaysMallets:Piano:Chimes Stem2:01
  • 079Blue Sky DaysOrgan Stem2:01
  • 080Blue Sky DaysBass Stem2:01
  • 081Blue Sky DaysClaps Stem2:01
  • 082Blue Sky DaysShaker Stem2:01
  • 083Blue Sky DaysDrums Stem2:01




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