80's Gaming

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80's Gaming SSM0218

Step into a time machine and embark on a thrilling musical adventure with “80’s Gaming." This nostalgic album pays homage to the iconic era of 80's gaming, where pixelated characters and blocky landscapes reigned supreme. Immerse yourself in a world of chiptunes, synthwave, and electronic delights that capture the essence of classic video games.

Space & Sound Music SSM0218

  • 001Digital PanicFull Mix1:40
  • 002Digital PanicAlt Mix No Leads1:40
  • 003Digital Panic60sec1:00
  • 004Digital Panic30sec0:30
  • 005Digital Panic15sec0:15
  • 006Digital PanicSynthStem1:40
  • 007Digital PanicPad Stem1:40
  • 008Digital PanicBass Stem1:40
  • 009Digital PanicDrums Stem1:40
  • 010Game OnFull Mix1:31
  • 011Game OnAlt Mix No Leads1:31
  • 012Game On60sec1:00
  • 013Game On30sec0:30
  • 014Game On15sec0:15
  • 015Game OnSynth Stem1:31
  • 016Game OnPad Stem1:31
  • 017Game OnBass Stem1:31
  • 018Game OnDrums Stem1:31
  • 019Bit BrigadeFull Mix1:36
  • 020Bit BrigadeAlt Mix No Leads1:36
  • 021Bit Brigade60sec1:00
  • 022Bit Brigade30sec0:30
  • 023Bit Brigade15sec0:15
  • 024Bit BrigadePad Stem1:36
  • 025Bit BrigadeBass Stem1:36
  • 026Bit BrigadeDrums Stem1:36
  • 027Bit BrigadeSynth Stem1:36
  • 028Cyber ApocalypseFull Mix1:38
  • 029Cyber ApocalypseAlt Mix No Leads1:38
  • 030Cyber Apocalypse60sec1:00
  • 031Cyber Apocalypse30sec0:30
  • 032Cyber Apocalypse15sec0:15
  • 033Cyber ApocalypseSynth Stem1:38
  • 034Cyber ApocalypsePad Stem1:38
  • 035Cyber ApocalypseBass Stem1:38
  • 036Cyber ApocalypseDrums Stem1:38
  • 037Game OverFull Mix1:53
  • 038Game OverSynth Pad Stem1:53
  • 039Game OverChipsynth Stem1:53
  • 040Game OverSynth 2 Stem1:53
  • 041Game OverSynth 1 Stem1:53
  • 042Game OverSynth Bass Stem1:53
  • 043Game OverFX Stem1:53
  • 044Boss BattleFull Mix1:52
  • 045Boss Battle8 Bit Leads Stem0:29
  • 046Boss BattleVox Chop Stem1:52
  • 047Boss BattleSynth Stem0:29
  • 048Boss BattleBass Stem1:52
  • 049Boss BattleDrum Stem1:52
  • 050Boss BattleFX Stem1:52
  • 051Chip Hop ChampFull Mix1:12
  • 052Chip Hop ChampSYNTH11:12
  • 053Chip Hop ChampSYNTH21:12
  • 054Chip Hop ChampDRUMS1:12
  • 055Chip Hop ChampBASS1:12
  • 056Hyper RealityFull Mix1:44
  • 057Hyper RealitySynth Stem1:44
  • 058Hyper RealityBass Stem1:44
  • 059Hyper RealityDrum Stem1:44
  • 060Hyper RealityFX Stem1:44
  • 061LifterFull Mix2:56
  • 062LifterSynths8-bit Stems2:56
  • 063LifterStrings Stems2:56
  • 064LifterPiano Stems2:56
  • 065LifterBassSynth Stems2:56
  • 066LifterDrumBeat Stems2:56
  • 067LifterEFXSounds Stems2:56
  • 068New EraFull Mix2:09
  • 069New EraPads Stem2:09
  • 070New EraLeads Stem2:09
  • 071New EraBass Stem2:09
  • 072New EraDrums Stem2:09
  • 073New EraBooms Stem2:09
  • 074New EraRisers Sweeps Stem2:09
  • 075UnlaxFull Mix1:10
  • 076UnlaxStem SYNTHS1:10
  • 077UnlaxStem PIANO1:10
  • 078UnlaxStem BASS1:10
  • 079UnlaxStem DRUMS1:10
  • 080Retro BoyFull Mix2:11
  • 081Retro BoyAlt Mix No Lead2:11
  • 082Retro BoySynth Rhythm Stem2:11
  • 083Retro BoySynth Lead Stem2:11
  • 084Retro BoyArp FX Stem2:11
  • 085Retro BoyBass Stem2:11
  • 086Retro BoyPercussion Stem2:11




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