Guitar Dramedy

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Guitar Dramedy SSM0217

Mixing together quirky/fun comedy with expertly well played guitar makes this Dramedy album stand out from the crowd. Great to bring out the lighter side of any production.

Space & Sound Music SSM0217

  • 001Bustling BusybodyFull Mix1:52
  • 002Bustling BusybodyAlt Mix No Lead1:52
  • 003Bustling Busybody601:00
  • 004Bustling Busybody300:30
  • 005Bustling Busybody150:15
  • 006Bustling BusybodyLead Instruments Stem1:52
  • 007Bustling BusybodyGuitars Stem1:52
  • 008Bustling BusybodyTuba Stem1:52
  • 009Bustling BusybodyWoodwinds Stem1:52
  • 010Bustling BusybodyPercussion Stem1:52
  • 011Behind the BushesFull Mix2:08
  • 012Behind the BushesAlt Mix No Lead2:08
  • 013Behind the Bushes601:00
  • 014Behind the Bushes300:30
  • 015Behind the Bushes150:15
  • 016Behind the BushesMallets Stem2:08
  • 017Behind the BushesWinds Stem2:08
  • 018Behind the BushesViolins Stem2:08
  • 019Behind the BushesTuba Stem2:08
  • 020Behind the BushesKeys Stem2:08
  • 021Behind the BushesGuitars Stem2:08
  • 022Behind the BushesPerc Stem2:08
  • 023White LiesFull Mix2:12
  • 024White LiesAlt Mix No Lead2:12
  • 025White Lies601:00
  • 026White Lies300:30
  • 027White Lies150:15
  • 028White LiesMallets Stem2:12
  • 029White LiesWoodwinds Stem2:12
  • 030White LiesGuitars Stem2:12
  • 031White LiesBass Stem2:12
  • 032White LiesPercussion Stem2:12
  • 033Avoiding SuspicionFull Mix2:11
  • 034Avoiding SuspicionAlt Mix No Lead2:11
  • 035Avoiding Suspicion601:00
  • 036Avoiding Suspicion300:30
  • 037Avoiding Suspicion150:15
  • 038Avoiding SuspicionGuitars Stem2:11
  • 039Avoiding SuspicionBass Stem2:11
  • 040Avoiding SuspicionPerc Stem2:11
  • 041Awkward MomentFull Mix1:45
  • 042Awkward MomentAlt Mix No Lead1:45
  • 043Awkward Moment601:00
  • 044Awkward Moment300:30
  • 045Awkward Moment150:15
  • 046Awkward MomentLead Guitar Stem1:45
  • 047Awkward MomentGuitars Stem1:45
  • 048Awkward MomentBass Stem1:45
  • 049Awkward MomentPercussion Stem1:45
  • 050Mysterious VisitorFull Mix1:49
  • 051Mysterious VisitorAlt Mix No Lead1:49
  • 052Mysterious Visitor601:00
  • 053Mysterious Visitor300:30
  • 054Mysterious Visitor150:15
  • 055Mysterious VisitorMandolin Stem1:49
  • 056Mysterious VisitorGuitars Stem1:49
  • 057Mysterious VisitorBass Stem1:49
  • 058Mysterious VisitorPerc Stem1:49
  • 059Mysterious VisitorDrums Stem1:49
  • 060Crooked PortraitFull Mix2:03
  • 061Crooked PortraitAlt Mix Reduced Arrangement2:03
  • 062Crooked Portrait601:00
  • 063Crooked Portrait300:30
  • 064Crooked Portrait150:15
  • 065Crooked PortraitGuitars Stem2:03
  • 066Crooked PortraitPiano Stem2:03
  • 067Crooked PortraitBass Stem2:03
  • 068Crooked PortraitPerc Stem2:03
  • 069Hiding PlaceFull Mix2:22
  • 070Hiding PlaceAlt Mix Reduced Arrangement2:22
  • 071Hiding Place601:00
  • 072Hiding Place300:30
  • 073Hiding Place150:15
  • 074Hiding PlaceMandolin Stem2:22
  • 075Hiding PlaceGuitars Stem2:22
  • 076Hiding PlacePiano and Mallets Stem2:22
  • 077Hiding PlaceBass Stem2:22
  • 078Hiding PlacePerc Stem2:22
  • 079Hiding PlaceDrums Stem2:22
  • 080Hiding PlaceStrings Stem2:22
  • 081Twisted RuseFull Mix2:26
  • 082Twisted RuseAlt Mix No Lead2:26
  • 083Twisted Ruse601:00
  • 084Twisted Ruse300:30
  • 085Twisted Ruse150:15
  • 086Twisted RuseLead Instruments Stem2:26
  • 087Twisted RuseMallets Stem2:26
  • 088Twisted RuseGuitars Stem2:26
  • 089Twisted RuseBass Stem2:26
  • 090Twisted RusePercussion Stem2:26




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