A Taste of Europe

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A Taste of Europe SSM0215

This collection of beautifully recorded and arranged tracks will take you away to France and Italy. Especially great for any production that involves Travel, Food and Culture of Europe. Can also be used for fun comedic scenes too!

Space & Sound Music SSM0215

  • 001Parisian CharmsFull Mix0:31
  • 002Elysian PromenadeFull Mix1:10
  • 003Strange EncounterFull Mix1:10
  • 004Lively MontmartreFull Mix0:13
  • 005Parisian BreezeFull Mix0:21
  • 006Tiny MishapFull Mix0:31
  • 007Cafe au SoleilFull Mix1:23
  • 008Under the Parisian SkyFull Mix1:10
  • 009Joie de VivreFull Mix1:10
  • 010La Douceur de ParisFull Mix1:08
  • 011Scented SummertimeFull Mix0:19




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