European Adventures

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European Adventures SSM0214

Hear the sounds of Southern Europe with this varied collection of tracks. Especially great for Travel, Food and European Culture.

Space & Sound Music SSM0214

  • 001Romantic EuropeFull MIx1:01
  • 002Sorrento SunriseFull MIx1:21
  • 003La Mia Raggazza E BellaFull Mix1:09
  • 004Nostalgic NightsFull MIx1:29
  • 005Romance In ParisFull MIx1:18
  • 006Parisienne CoolFull MIx1:17
  • 007Enchanting CoastFull MIx1:08
  • 008Sweet SerenadeFull MIx1:11
  • 009Florentine ReflectionsFull MIx1:09




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