SSM012 50's Diner

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SSM012 50's Diner SSM0212

Go back in time with these 1950’s/1960’s Oldies but Goodies. Many of these tracks were produced to have a throwback sound mixed with modern production techniques.

Space & Sound Music SSM0212

  • 001Forever in Your ArmsFull Mix (No Alt Mix)1:00
  • 002Penny ArcadeFull Mix (No Alt Mix)1:01
  • 003Blue Moon MorningsFull Mix (No Alt Mix)1:00
  • 004My BabyFull Mix (No Alt Mix)1:00
  • 005Stardust SundaysFull Mix (No Alt Mix)1:00
  • 006Pain In VainFull Mix (No Alt Mix)1:00
  • 007Sugar SugarFull Mix (No Alt Mix)1:09
  • 008Be MineFull Mix (No Alt Mix)1:00
  • 009EnchantedFull Mix (No Alt Mix)1:07




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