Motivational Inspiring Strings

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Motivational Inspiring Strings SSM0211

These inspiring motivational string ensemble tracks are great for, Documentaries, Commercials and Film.

Space & Sound Music SSM0211

  • 001American StringsFull Mix2:18
  • 002American StringsAlt Mix No Lead2:18
  • 003American Strings60sec1:00
  • 004American Strings30sec0:30
  • 005American Strings15sec0:15
  • 006American StringsViolin I Stem2:18
  • 007American StringsViolin II Stem2:18
  • 008American StringsCello and Viola Stem2:18
  • 009American StringsBass Stem2:18
  • 010Challenge AcceptedFull Mix2:07
  • 011Challenge AcceptedAlt Mix No Lead2:07
  • 012Challenge Accepted60sec1:00
  • 013Challenge Accepted30sec0:30
  • 014Challenge AcceptedViolin I Stem2:07
  • 015Challenge AcceptedViolin II Stem2:07
  • 016Challenge AcceptedViola and Violin Stem2:07
  • 017Challenge AcceptedCello Stem2:07
  • 018Challenge AcceptedCello Long Notes Stem2:07
  • 019Challenge AcceptedBass Stem2:07
  • 020Upscale ThisFull Mix2:12
  • 021Upscale ThisAlt Mix No Lead2:12
  • 022Upscale This60sec1:00
  • 023Upscale This30sec0:30
  • 024Upscale This15sec0:15
  • 025Upscale ThisViolin I Stem2:12
  • 026Upscale ThisViolin II Stem2:12
  • 027Upscale ThisViola Stem2:12
  • 028Upscale ThisCello Stem2:12
  • 029Upscale ThisBass Stem2:12
  • 030Always UpwardsFull Mix2:04
  • 031Always UpwardsAlt Mix No Lead2:04
  • 032Always Upwards60sec1:00
  • 033Always Upwards30sec0:30
  • 034Always Upwards15sec0:15
  • 035Always UpwardsViolin I Stem2:04
  • 036Always UpwardsViolin II Pizzicato Stem2:04
  • 037Always UpwardsViolas Stem2:04
  • 038Always UpwardsCello Stem2:04
  • 039Always UpwardsCello Long Notes Stem2:04
  • 040Always UpwardsBass Stem2:04
  • 041Hill BillyFull Mix2:11
  • 042Hill BillyAlt Mix No Lead2:11
  • 043Hill Billy60sec1:00
  • 044Hill Billy30sec0:30
  • 045Hill Billy15sec0:15
  • 046Hill BillyViolin I Stem2:11
  • 047Hill BillyViolin II Stem2:11
  • 048Hill BillyViola Stem2:11
  • 049Hill BillyBass Stem2:11
  • 050Always OpenFull Mix2:06
  • 051Always OpenAlt Mix No Lead2:06
  • 052Always Open60sec1:00
  • 053Always Open30sec0:30
  • 054Always Open15sec0:15
  • 055Always OpenViolin I Pizzicato Stem2:06
  • 056Always OpenViolin II Main Melody Stem2:06
  • 057Always OpenViolins Long Notes Stem2:06
  • 058Always OpenViola Stem2:06
  • 059Always OpenCello Stem2:06
  • 060Always OpenBass Stem2:06
  • 061Build It UpFull Mix2:09
  • 062Build It UpAlt Mix No Lead2:09
  • 063Build It Up60sec1:00
  • 064Build It Up30sec0:30
  • 065Build It Up15sec0:15
  • 066Build It UpViolin I Stem2:09
  • 067Build It UpViolin II and Viola Stem2:09
  • 068Build It UpBass Stem2:09
  • 069New ApproachFull Mix2:17
  • 070New ApproachAlt Mix No Lead2:17
  • 071New Approach60sec1:00
  • 072New Approach30sec0:30
  • 073New Approach15sec0:15
  • 074New ApproachViolin I Stem2:17
  • 075New ApproachViolin II Stem2:17
  • 076New ApproachViola Stem2:17
  • 077New ApproachCello Stem2:17
  • 078New ApproachBass Bowed Stem2:17
  • 079New ApproachBass Pizzicato Stem2:17
  • 080Promising UnfoldingFull Mix2:22
  • 081Promising UnfoldingAlt Mix No Lead2:22
  • 082Promising Unfolding60sec1:00
  • 083Promising Unfolding30sec0:30
  • 084Promising Unfolding15sec0:15
  • 085Promising UnfoldingViola Stem2:22
  • 086Promising UnfoldingViolin I Short Notes Stem2:22
  • 087Promising UnfoldingViolin I Long Notes Stem2:22
  • 088Promising UnfoldingViolin II Stem2:22
  • 089Promising UnfoldingCello Stem2:22
  • 090Promising UnfoldingBass Stem2:22
  • 091Chasing EmotionsFull Mix2:06
  • 092Chasing EmotionsAlt Mix No Lead2:06
  • 093Chasing Emotions60sec1:00
  • 094Chasing Emotions30sec0:30
  • 095Chasing Emotions15sec0:15
  • 096Chasing EmotionsViolin I Stem2:06
  • 097Chasing EmotionsViolin II Stem2:06
  • 098Chasing EmotionsViola Stem2:06
  • 099Chasing EmotionsCello Stem2:06
  • 100Chasing EmotionsBass Stem2:06




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