Dark Nursery Rhymes Trailer Music

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Dark Nursery Rhymes Trailer Music SSM0210

This unique collection of Trailer tracks combines sweet children's nursery rhymes with epic dark orchestral production. This album is great for Horror and Thriller Movie trailers.

Space & Sound Music SSM0210

  • 001Twinkle Little StarFull Mix3:01
  • 002Twinkle Little StarAlt Mix No Lead3:01
  • 003Twinkle Little StarVocals Stem3:01
  • 004Twinkle Little StarChoir Stem3:01
  • 005Twinkle Little StarBrass and Orchestra Stem3:01
  • 006Twinkle Little StarGlockenspiel Stem3:01
  • 007Twinkle Little StarGuitars Stem3:01
  • 008Twinkle Little StarPiano Stem3:01
  • 009Twinkle Little StarStrings Stem3:01
  • 010Twinkle Little StarSynths Stem3:01
  • 011Twinkle Little StarBass Stem3:01
  • 012Twinkle Little StarDrums Stem3:01
  • 013Twinkle Little StarFX Stem3:01
  • 014Row your boatFull Mix2:38
  • 015Row your boatAlt Mix No Lead2:38
  • 016Row your boatVocals Stem2:38
  • 017Row your boatBraams Stem2:38
  • 018Row your boatChoir Stem2:38
  • 019Row your boatSynths Stem2:38
  • 020Row your boatStrings Stem2:38
  • 021Row your boatPiano Stem2:38
  • 022Row your boatGuitars Stem2:38
  • 023Row your boatBass Stem2:38
  • 024Row your boatDrums Stem2:38
  • 025Row your boatFX Stem2:38
  • 026Ring around the RosieFull Mix3:01
  • 027Ring around the RosieAlt Mix No Lead3:01
  • 028Ring around the RosieVocals Stem3:01
  • 029Ring around the RosieSynths Stem3:01
  • 030Ring around the RosieStrings Stem3:01
  • 031Ring around the RosiePiano Stem3:01
  • 032Ring around the RosieGuitars Stem3:01
  • 033Ring around the RosieGlockenspiel Stem3:01
  • 034Ring around the RosieBrass Stem3:01
  • 035Ring around the RosieEnd Vocal and Glockenspiel Stem3:01
  • 036Ring around the RosieBass Stem3:01
  • 037Ring around the RosieDrums Stem3:01
  • 038Ring around the RosieFX Stem3:01
  • 039Hush Little BabyFull Mix3:07
  • 040Hush Little BabyAlt Mix No Lead3:07
  • 041Hush Little BabyVocals Stem3:07
  • 042Hush Little BabySynths Stem3:07
  • 043Hush Little BabyStrings Stem3:07
  • 044Hush Little BabyPiano Stem3:07
  • 045Hush Little BabyMusic Box Melody Stem3:07
  • 046Hush Little BabyBass Stem3:07
  • 047Hush Little BabyBraams Stem3:07
  • 048Hush Little BabyDrums Stem3:07
  • 049Hush Little BabyFX Stem3:07
  • 050Itsy Bitsy SpiderFull Mix2:54
  • 051Itsy Bitsy SpiderAlt Mix No Lead2:54
  • 052Itsy Bitsy SpiderVocals Stem2:54
  • 053Itsy Bitsy SpiderSynths Stem2:54
  • 054Itsy Bitsy SpiderStrings Stem2:54
  • 055Itsy Bitsy SpiderPiano Stem2:54
  • 056Itsy Bitsy SpiderGuitars Stem2:54
  • 057Itsy Bitsy SpiderGlockenspiel Stem2:54
  • 058Itsy Bitsy SpiderBraams Stem2:54
  • 059Itsy Bitsy SpiderBass Stem2:54
  • 060Itsy Bitsy SpiderDrums Stem2:54
  • 061Itsy Bitsy SpiderFX Stem2:54




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