Best Day Ever Happy Positive EDM

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Best Day Ever Happy Positive EDM SSM0209

Best Day Ever is a collection of upbeat happy energetic EDM tracks. Great for any production that needs a boost of energy!

Space & Sound Music SSM0209

  • 001Cloud Ninety NineFull Mix1:44
  • 002Cloud Ninety NineAlt Mix No Lead1:44
  • 003Cloud Ninety NineLead Stem1:44
  • 004Cloud Ninety Nine60sec1:00
  • 005Cloud Ninety Nine30sec0:30
  • 006Cloud Ninety Nine15sec0:15
  • 007Cloud Ninety NineVocal Chop Stem1:44
  • 008Cloud Ninety NineSynth Stem1:44
  • 009Cloud Ninety NineBass Stem1:44
  • 010Cloud Ninety NineDrums Stem1:44
  • 011Feel The EnergyFull Mix1:30
  • 012Feel The EnergyAlt Mix No Lead Vocal Chops1:30
  • 013Feel The Energy60sec1:00
  • 014Feel The Energy30sec0:30
  • 015Feel The Energy15sec0:15
  • 016Feel The EnergyLead Vocal Chop Stem1:30
  • 017Feel The EnergyBacking Vocal Chop Stem1:30
  • 018Feel The EnergySynth Stem1:30
  • 019Feel The EnergyBass Stem1:30
  • 020Feel The EnergyDrums Stem1:30
  • 021Age Of ComplexityFull Mix1:39
  • 022Age Of ComplexityAlt Mix No Lead Vocal Chop1:39
  • 023Age of Complexity60sec1:00
  • 024Age of Complexity30sec0:30
  • 025Age of Complexity15sec0:15
  • 026Age of ComplexityLead Vocal Chop Stem1:39
  • 027Age of ComplexitySynth Stem1:39
  • 028Age of ComplexityBass Stem1:39
  • 029Age of ComplexityDrums Stem1:39
  • 030Enchanted By FantasyFull Mix1:46
  • 031Enchanted By FantasyAlt Mix No Lead1:46
  • 032Enchanted By Fantasy60sec1:00
  • 033Enchanted By Fantasy30sec0:30
  • 034Enchanted By Fantasy15sec0:15
  • 035Enchanted By FantasyLead Stem1:46
  • 036Enchanted By FantasyVocal Chops Stem1:46
  • 037Enchanted By FantasySynth Pad Stem1:46
  • 038Enchanted By FantasySynth Arpeggio Stem1:46
  • 039Enchanted By FantasyBass Stem1:46
  • 040Enchanted By FantasyDrums Stem1:46
  • 041Higher PowerFull Mix1:41
  • 042Higher PowerAlt Mix No Lead1:41
  • 043Higher Power60sec1:00
  • 044Higher Power30sec0:30
  • 045Higher Power15sec0:15
  • 046Higher PowerLead Stem1:41
  • 047Higher PowerVocal Chop Stem1:41
  • 048Higher PowerSynth Pad Stem1:41
  • 049Higher PowerSynth Arpeggio Stem1:41
  • 050Higher PowerBass Stem1:41
  • 051Higher PowerDrums Stem1:41
  • 052Higher PowerPiano Stem1:41
  • 053Passion For HappinessFull Mix1:42
  • 054Passion For HappinessAlt Mix No Lead Vocal Chop1:42
  • 055Passion For Happiness60sec1:00
  • 056Passion For Happiness30sec0:30
  • 057Passion For Happiness15sec0:15
  • 058Passion For HappinessLead Vocal Chop Stem1:42
  • 059Passion For HappinessSynth and Keys Stem1:42
  • 060Passion For HappinessBacking Vocal Chops Stem1:42
  • 061Passion For HappinessBass Stem1:42
  • 062Passion For HappinessDrums Stem1:42
  • 063Mystical Dance FloorFull Mix1:39
  • 064Mystical Dance FloorAlt Mix No Lead1:39
  • 065Mystical Dance Floor60sec1:00
  • 066Mystical Dance Floor30sec0:30
  • 067Mystical Dance Floor15sec0:15
  • 068Mystical Dance FloorVocal Chop Stem1:39
  • 069Mystical Dance FloorSynth Stem1:39
  • 070Mystical Dance FloorLead Stem1:39
  • 071Mystical Dance FloorBass Stem1:39
  • 072Mystical Dance FloorDrums Stem1:39
  • 073New Kinda StyleFull Mix1:44
  • 074New Kinda StyleAlt Mix No Lead Vocal Chop1:44
  • 075New Kinda Style60sec1:00
  • 076New Kinda Style30sec0:30
  • 077New Kinda Style15sec0:15
  • 078New Kinda StyleLead Vocal Chop Stem1:44
  • 079New Kinda StyleBass Stem1:44
  • 080New Kinda StyleDrums Stem1:44
  • 081New Kinda StyleSynth Stem1:44
  • 082Reliving The TriumphFull Mix1:55
  • 083Reliving The TriumphAlt Mix No Lead1:55
  • 084Reliving The Triumph60sec1:00
  • 085Reliving The Triumph30sec0:30
  • 086Reliving The Triumph15sec0:15
  • 087Reliving The TriumphLead Stem1:55
  • 088Reliving The TriumphVocal Chop Stem1:55
  • 089Reliving The TriumphSynth Pad Stem1:55
  • 090Reliving The TriumphSynth Arpeggio Stem1:55
  • 091Reliving The TriumphBass Stem1:55
  • 092Reliving The TriumphDrums Stem1:55
  • 093Burst Of ElationFull Mix1:41
  • 094Burst Of ElationAlt Mix No Lead1:41
  • 095Burst Of Elation60sec1:00
  • 096Burst Of Elation30sec0:30
  • 097Burst Of Elation15sec0:15
  • 098Burst Of ElationLead Stem1:41
  • 099Burst Of ElationSynth Stem1:41
  • 100Burst Of ElationPiano Stem1:41
  • 101Burst Of ElationBass Stem1:41
  • 102Burst Of ElationDrums Stem1:41




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