Heartwarming Positve Emotional Uplifting

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Heartwarming Positve Emotional Uplifting SSM0208

This collection of beautifully produced heartwarming tracks features ambient guitars cinematic strings and piano. Tracks build to evoke a sense of inspiration and wonder.

Space & Sound Music SSM0208

  • 001We need each otherFull Mix2:20
  • 002We need each otherAlt Mix Underscore2:20
  • 003We need each otherAC Guitars Stem2:20
  • 004We need each otherEL Guitars Stem2:20
  • 005We need each otherPiano Stem2:20
  • 006We need each otherStrings2:20
  • 007We need each otherSynth Stem2:20
  • 008We need each otherBass Stem2:20
  • 009We need each otherDrums and Perc Stem2:20
  • 010Let us be gratefulFull Mix2:14
  • 011Let us be gratefulAlt Mix Underscore2:14
  • 012Let us be gratefulAC Guitar Stem2:14
  • 013Let us be gratefulBass Stem2:14
  • 014Let us be gratefulDrums and Perc Stem2:14
  • 015Let us be gratefulEL Guitar Stem2:14
  • 016Let us be gratefulPiano Stem2:14
  • 017Let us be gratefulStrings Stem2:14
  • 018Let us be gratefulSynth Stem2:14
  • 019Make the world betterFull Mix2:02
  • 020Make the world betterAlt Mix Underscore2:02
  • 021Make the world betterSynth Stem2:02
  • 022Make the world betterStrings Stem2:02
  • 023Make the world betterPiano Stem2:02
  • 024Make the world betterGuitars Stem2:02
  • 025Make the world betterBass Stem2:02
  • 026Make the world betterDrums and Perc Stem2:02
  • 027There is always lightFull Mix2:08
  • 028There is always lightUnderscore Stem2:08
  • 029There is always lightGuitar Stem2:08
  • 030There is always lightPiano Stem2:08
  • 031There is always lightStrings Stem2:08
  • 032There is always lightBass Stem2:08
  • 033There is always lightDrums2:08
  • 034To be hopefulFull Mix2:05
  • 035To be hopefulAlt Mix Underscore2:05
  • 036Let us be gratefulFX Stem2:14
  • 037To be hopefulGuitar Stem2:05
  • 038To be hopefulPiano Stem2:05
  • 039To be hopefulStrings Stem2:05
  • 040To be hopefulSynth Stem2:05
  • 041To be hopefulBass Stem2:05
  • 042To be hopefulDrums and Perc Stem2:05




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