Uplifting Indie

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Uplifting Indie SSM0207

This collection of quirky unique Indie tracks are especially great for Documentaries, Film and Advertising

Space & Sound Music SSM0207

  • 001Up in the TreesFull Mix1:53
  • 002Up in the TreesAlt Mix No Perc1:53
  • 003Up in the Trees601:00
  • 004Up in the Trees300:30
  • 005Up in the Trees150:15
  • 006Up in the TreesMallets Stem1:53
  • 007Up in the TreesStrings Stem1:53
  • 008Up in the TreesPiano Stem1:53
  • 009Up in the TreesPads Stem1:53
  • 010Up in the TreesGuitars and Plucked Stem1:53
  • 011Up in the TreesBass Stem1:53
  • 012Up in the TreesPercussion Stem1:53
  • 013Feels Like HomeFull Mix2:00
  • 014Feels Like HomeAlt Mix No Melody2:00
  • 015Feels Like Home60sec1:00
  • 016Feels Like Home30sec0:30
  • 017Feels Like Home15sec0:15
  • 018Feels Like HomeUkulele2:00
  • 019Feels Like HomeStrings Pizzicato2:00
  • 020Feels Like HomeStrings and Textures2:00
  • 021Feels Like HomePiano2:00
  • 022Feels Like HomeGuitars Rhythm2:00
  • 023Feels Like HomeGuitars Arpeggio2:00
  • 024Feels Like HomeGlockenspiel2:00
  • 025Feels Like HomeAmbient Swells2:00
  • 026Feels Like HomeBass2:00
  • 027Feels Like HomePercussion2:00
  • 028Tap Into ItFull Mix0:51
  • 029Tap Into ItAlt Mix No Lead0:51
  • 030Tap Into It15sec0:14
  • 031Tap Into It30sec0:30
  • 032Tap Into ItPizzicatos Stem0:51
  • 033Tap Into ItNon Pizzicatos Stem0:51
  • 034Tap Into ItPerc Stem0:51
  • 035Tap Into ItBass Stem0:51
  • 036Morning CarFull Mix2:00
  • 037Morning CarAlt Mix2:00
  • 038Morning Car60sec1:00
  • 039Morning Car30sec0:30
  • 040Morning Car15sec0:15
  • 041Morning CarGuitars Acoustic Stem2:00
  • 042Morning CarVoices Stem2:00
  • 043Morning CarPiano Stem2:00
  • 044Morning CarPads Stem2:00
  • 045Morning CarBanjo Stem2:00
  • 046Morning CarBells Stem2:00
  • 047Morning CarDrums Stem2:00




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