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Broadway SSM0206

It’s show time! This collection of Broadway musical-inspired tracks features big brass, jazzy drums and whimsical strings. Key A# Maj

Space & Sound Music SSM0206

  • 001The Big ShowFull Mix1:18
  • 002The Big ShowAlt Mix Short Version0:56
  • 003The Big ShowUnderscore Stem1:18
  • 004The Big ShowBrass Stem1:18
  • 005The Big ShowStrings Stem1:18
  • 006The Big ShowPiano Stem1:18
  • 007The Big ShowOrchestra Stem1:18
  • 008The Big ShowGuitar Stem1:18
  • 009The Big ShowElectric Piano Stem1:18
  • 010The Big ShowBass Stem1:18
  • 011The Big ShowDrums Stem1:18
  • 012ShowtimeFull Mix0:54
  • 013ShowtimePiano Stem0:54
  • 014ShowtimeBrass Stem0:54
  • 015ShowtimeGlockenspiel Marimba Xylophone Celeste0:54
  • 016ShowtimeHarp Stem0:54
  • 017ShowtimeStrings Stem0:54
  • 018ShowtimeUnderscore Stem0:54
  • 019ShowtimeWoodwinds Stem0:54
  • 020ShowtimeBass Stem0:54
  • 021ShowtimeDrums Stem0:54
  • 022Ain't Got Nothing To Worry AboutFull Mix1:04
  • 023Ain't Got Nothing To Worry AboutBrass Stem1:04
  • 024Ain't Got Nothing To Worry AboutGuitar Stem1:04
  • 025Ain't Got Nothing To Worry AboutPiano Stem1:04
  • 026Ain't Got Nothing To Worry AboutStrings Stem1:04
  • 027Ain't Got Nothing To Worry AboutVibraphone Stem1:04
  • 028Ain't Got Nothing To Worry AboutWoodwinds Stem1:04
  • 029Ain't Got Nothing To Worry AboutBass Stem1:04
  • 030Ain't Got Nothing To Worry AboutDrums Stem1:04
  • 031Mr SwingFull Mix3:11
  • 032Mr SwingSaxophones Stem3:11
  • 033Mr SwingBrass Stem3:11
  • 034Mr SwingPiano Stem3:11
  • 035Mr SwingStrings Stem3:11
  • 036Mr SwingGuitars Stem3:11
  • 037Mr SwingBass Stem3:11
  • 038Mr SwingDrums Stem3:11
  • 039M.S.BFull Mix3:17
  • 040M.S.BBrass Stem3:17
  • 041M.S.BSaxophones Stem3:17
  • 042M.S.BGuitar Stem3:17
  • 043M.S.BPiano Stem3:17
  • 044M.S.BBass Stem3:17
  • 045M.S.BDrums Stem3:17




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