Goofy Hip Hop Dramedy

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Goofy Hip Hop Dramedy SSM0202

This Dramedy album combines modern Trap/Hip Hop beats with a goofy production style. Great for Reality TV, Kid's Shows and Commercials.

Space & Sound Music SSM0202

  • 001Laughs And DramasFull Mix2:27
  • 002Laughs And Dramas60sec Stem1:00
  • 003Laughs And Dramas30sec Stem0:30
  • 004Laughs And Dramas15sec Stem0:15
  • 005Laughs And DramasWoodwind Stem2:27
  • 006Laughs And DramasTuned Percussion Stem2:27
  • 007Laughs And DramasPiano Stem2:27
  • 008Laughs And DramasBrass Stem2:27
  • 009Laughs And DramasBass Stem2:27
  • 010Laughs And DramasDrums Stem2:27
  • 011Laughs And DramasFX Stem2:27
  • 012Look At ThatFull Mix2:06
  • 013Look At That60sec1:00
  • 014Look At That30sec0:30
  • 015Look At That15sec0:15
  • 016Look At ThatFlute Stem2:06
  • 017Look At ThatMarimba Stem2:06
  • 018Look At ThatCeleste Stem2:06
  • 019Look At ThatBass Stem2:06
  • 020Look At ThatDrums Stem2:06
  • 021Look At ThatFX Stem2:06
  • 022Hip-Hop HilariousFull Mix2:06
  • 023Hip-Hop Hilarious60sec1:00
  • 024Hip-Hop Hilarious30sec0:30
  • 025Hip-Hop Hilarious15sec0:15
  • 026Hip-Hop HilariousWoodwinds Stem2:06
  • 027Hip-Hop HilariousTuned Percussion Stem2:06
  • 028Hip-Hop HilariousBrass Stem2:06
  • 029Hip-Hop HilariousBass Stem2:06
  • 030Hip-Hop HilariousDrums Stem2:06
  • 031Hip-Hop HilariousFX Stem2:06
  • 032Back At ItFull Mix2:00
  • 033Back At It60sec1:00
  • 034Back At It30sec0:30
  • 035Back At It15sec0:15
  • 036Back At ItMarimba Stem2:00
  • 037Back At ItBrass Stem2:00
  • 038Back At ItWhistle Stem2:00
  • 039Back At ItCeleste Stem2:00
  • 040Back At ItBass Stem2:00
  • 041Back At ItDrums Stem2:00
  • 042Back At ItFX Stem2:00
  • 043Playful BounceFull Mix2:08
  • 044Playful Bounce15sec0:15
  • 045Playful Bounce30sec0:30
  • 046Playful Bounce60sec1:00
  • 047Playful BounceFlute Stem2:08
  • 048Playful BounceSynth Pad Stem2:08
  • 049Playful BounceTuned Percussion Stem2:08
  • 050Playful BounceBass Stem2:08
  • 051Playful BounceDrums Stem2:08
  • 052Playful BounceFX Stem2:08
  • 053Sneaking On ThemFull Mix2:11
  • 054Sneaking On Them15sec0:15
  • 055Sneaking On Them30sec0:30
  • 056Sneaking On Them60sec1:00
  • 057Sneaking On ThemBrass Stem2:11
  • 058Sneaking On ThemKeys Stem2:11
  • 059Sneaking On ThemTuned Percussion Stem2:11
  • 060Sneaking On ThemBass Stem2:11
  • 061Sneaking On ThemDrums Stem2:11
  • 062Sneaking On ThemTuned Cymbals FX Stem2:11
  • 063Tragicomic TrapFull Mix2:04
  • 064Tragicomic Trap60sec1:00
  • 065Tragicomic Trap30sec0:30
  • 066Tragicomic Trap15sec0:15
  • 067Tragicomic TrapTuned Percussion Stem2:04
  • 068Tragicomic TrapSynth Lead Stem2:04
  • 069Tragicomic TrapBass Stem2:04
  • 070Tragicomic TrapDrums Stem2:04
  • 071Tragicomic TrapFX Stem2:04
  • 072Bring the DramaFull Mix2:00
  • 073Bring the DramaAlt Mix No Lead2:00
  • 074Bring the Drama60sec0:59
  • 075Bring the Drama30sec0:29
  • 076Bring the Drama15sec0:15
  • 077Bring the DramaLead Stem2:00
  • 078Bring the DramaKeyboards Stem2:00
  • 079Bring the DramaBass Stem2:00
  • 080Bring the DramaDrums Stem2:00
  • 081Bring the DramaFX Stem2:00




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