Minimal Minds Propelling Forward Motion

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Minimal Minds Propelling Forward Motion SSM0194

Minimal Minds is a collection of textured propelling underscore. By having a constant state of forward momentum these tracks are great to keep your story moving but still work under dialog.

Space & Sound Music SSM0194

  • 001Snowflakes in the JungleFull Mix2:45
  • 002Snowflakes in the JungleAlt Mix_No Piano2:45
  • 003Snowflakes in the Jungle65sec1:05
  • 004Snowflakes in the Jungle30sec0:30
  • 005Snowflakes in the Jungle15sec0:15
  • 006Snowflakes in the JungleMallets STEM2:45
  • 007Snowflakes in the JunglePiano STEM2:45
  • 008Snowflakes in the JungleStrings STEM2:45
  • 009Snowflakes in the JungleBass STEM2:45
  • 010Walking on sunshineFull Mix2:28
  • 011Walking on sunshineAlt Mix No Drums2:28
  • 012Walking on sunshineAlt Mix2:28
  • 013Walking on sunshine60sec1:00
  • 014Walking on sunshine30sec0:30
  • 015Walking on sunshine15sec0:15
  • 016Walking on sunshinePiano Stem2:28
  • 017Walking on sunshineArpeggiators Stem2:28
  • 018Walking on sunshineMallets Stem2:28
  • 019Walking on sunshinePad Stem2:28
  • 020Walking on sunshineBass Stem2:28
  • 021Walking on sunshineDrums Stem2:28
  • 022Walking on sunshineEfx Stem2:28
  • 023Dreamin' in the ForestFull Mix2:50
  • 024Dreamin' in the ForestAlt Mix No Piano Lead2:50
  • 025Dreamin' in the Forest60sec1:00
  • 026Dreamin' in the Forest30sec0:30
  • 027Dreamin' in the Forest15sec0:15
  • 028Dreamin' in the ForestHang Drum Stem2:50
  • 029Dreamin' in the ForestMallets Perc Stem2:50
  • 030Dreamin' in the ForestPiano Stem2:50
  • 031Dreamin' in the ForestPads Stem2:50
  • 032Dreamin' in the ForestFlute Stem2:50
  • 033Dreamin' in the ForestArpeggiators Stem2:50
  • 034Raindrops DanceFull Mix2:30
  • 035Raindrops DanceAlt Mix No Piano2:30
  • 036Raindrops Dance60sec1:00
  • 037Raindrops Dance30sec0:30
  • 038Raindrops Dance15sec0:15
  • 039Raindrops DanceSrings STEM2:30
  • 040Raindrops DancePiano STEM2:30
  • 041Raindrops DanceMallets STEM2:30
  • 042Raindrops DanceBass STEM2:30
  • 043Rising StarsFull Mix2:14
  • 044Rising StarsAlt Mix No Lead2:14
  • 045Rising Stars60sec1:00
  • 046Rising Stars30sec0:30
  • 047Rising Stars15sec0:15
  • 048Rising StarsLead STEM2:14
  • 049Rising StarsMallets STEM2:14
  • 050Rising StarsPiano STEM2:14
  • 051Rising StarsRaiser STEM2:14
  • 052Rising StarsSynths STEM2:14
  • 053Rising StarsBass STEM2:14
  • 054Rising StarsPercs STEM2:14
  • 055Among the cloudsFull Mix2:08
  • 056Among the cloudsAlt Mix No Strings2:08
  • 057Among the clouds60sec1:00
  • 058Among the clouds30sec0:30
  • 059Among the clouds15sec0:15
  • 060Among the cloudsMallets Stem2:08
  • 061Among the cloudsPiano Stem2:08
  • 062Among the cloudsStrings Stem1:46
  • 063Garden of TimeFull Mix2:16
  • 064Garden of TimeAlt Mix No Strings2:16
  • 065Garden of Time60sec1:00
  • 066Garden of Time30sec0:30
  • 067Garden of Time15sec0:15
  • 068Garden of TimeMarimba Stem2:16
  • 069Garden of TimePiano Stem2:16
  • 070Garden of TimeViolas Stem2:16
  • 071Garden of TimeViolins Stem2:16
  • 072Garden of TimeBasses Stem2:16
  • 073LuminescenceFull Mix2:56
  • 074LuminescenceAlt Mix No Piano2:56
  • 075Luminescence60sec1:00
  • 076Luminescence30sec0:30
  • 077Luminescence15sec0:15
  • 078LuminescencePiano STEM2:56
  • 079LuminescenceMallets STEM2:56
  • 080LuminescencePad STEM2:56
  • 081LuminescenceLoop STEM2:56
  • 082LuminescencePercs STEM2:56
  • 083DriftingFull Mix3:00
  • 084DriftingAlt Mix_No Piano3:00
  • 085Drifting60sec1:00
  • 086Drifting30sec0:30
  • 087Drifting15sec0:15
  • 088DriftingBass STEM3:00
  • 089DriftingMallets STEM3:00
  • 090DriftingPiano STEM3:00
  • 091DriftingStrings Marcato STEM3:00
  • 092DriftingStrings Pizzicato STEM3:00
  • 093DriftingPercs STEM3:00




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