Hipster Indie Acoustic

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Hipster Indie Acoustic SSM0193

Hipster is a collection of acoustic indie tracks that features big claps and stomps, beautifully played mandolin all with a cool indie style.

Space & Sound Music SSM0193

  • 001HipsterFull Mix2:16
  • 002HipsterAlt Mix No Lead2:16
  • 003Hipster15sec0:15
  • 004Hipster30sec0:30
  • 005Hipster60sec1:00
  • 006HipsterVocal Shouts Stem2:16
  • 007HipsterLead Mandolin Stem2:16
  • 008HipsterPiano Stem2:16
  • 009HipsterGuitars. Stem2:16
  • 010HipsterBass Stem2:16
  • 011HipsterDrums Stem2:16
  • 012HipsterShaker Stem2:16
  • 013Be StrongFull Mix2:31
  • 014Be StrongAlt Mix No Lead2:31
  • 015Be Strong60sec1:00
  • 016Be Strong30sec0:30
  • 017Be Strong15sec0:15
  • 018Be StrongManolin Stem2:31
  • 019Be StrongPiano Stem2:31
  • 020Be StrongElectric Stem2:31
  • 021Be StrongAcoustic Stem2:31
  • 022Be StrongBass Stem2:31
  • 023Be StrongPercussion Stem2:31
  • 024Be StrongDrums Stem2:31
  • 025North ShoreFull Mix2:08
  • 026North ShoreAlt Mix No Lead2:08
  • 027North Shore60sec1:00
  • 028North Shore30sec0:30
  • 029North Shore15sec0:15
  • 030North ShoreLead Stem2:08
  • 031North ShoreGuitars Stem2:08
  • 032North ShoreBass Stem2:08
  • 033North ShoreDrums Stem2:08
  • 034North ShoreShaker Stem2:08
  • 035Best FriendsFull MIx1:57
  • 036Best FriendsAlt Mix No Lead1:57
  • 037Best Friends60saec1:00
  • 038Best Friends30saec0:30
  • 039Best Friends15saec0:15
  • 040Best FriendsLead Mandolin1:57
  • 041Best FriendsMandolin Stem1:57
  • 042Best FriendsGuitars Stem1:57
  • 043Best FriendsDrums Stem1:57
  • 044Best FriendsShaker Stem1:57
  • 045Best FriendsBass Stem1:57
  • 046Highway OneFull Mix1:58
  • 047Highway OneAlt No Lead1:58
  • 048Highway One60sec1:00
  • 049Highway One30sec0:30
  • 050Highway One15sec0:08
  • 051Highway OneLead Guitar Stem1:58
  • 052Highway OneAcoustic Guitar Stem1:58
  • 053Highway OneElectric Guitar Stem1:58
  • 054Highway OneBass Stem1:58
  • 055Highway OnePercussion Stem1:58
  • 056Highway OneDrums Stem1:58
  • 057Lucky DayFull Mix2:01
  • 058Lucky DayyAlt Mix No lead2:01
  • 059Lucky Day60sec1:00
  • 060Lucky Day30sec0:30
  • 061Lucky Day15sec0:20
  • 062Lucky DayAcoustic Stem2:01
  • 063Lucky DayMandolin Stem2:01
  • 064Lucky DayPiano Stem2:01
  • 065Lucky DayBass Stem2:01
  • 066Lucky DayClaps Stomps Stem2:01
  • 067Lucky DayShaker Stem2:01
  • 068Big Blue SkyFull Mix2:05
  • 069Big Blue SkyAlt Mix No Lead2:05
  • 070Big Blue Sky60sec1:00
  • 071Big Blue Sky30sec0:19
  • 072Big Blue Sky15sec0:14
  • 073Big Blue SkyLead Mandolin Stem2:05
  • 074Big Blue SkyGuitars Stem2:05
  • 075Big Blue SkyBass Stem2:05
  • 076Big Blue SkyDrums Stem2:05
  • 077Big Blue SkyShaker Stem2:05




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