Hype Bombastic Youthful High Energy

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Hype Bombastic Youthful High Energy SSM0192

Hype is full of high energy youthful tracks. Combining elements of EDM, Percussion, Sound Design and Electro Pop to create over-the-top excitement and energy. These tracks are especially great for Sports, Advertising, Fashion and Promos.

Space & Sound Music SSM0192

  • 001Super ColossalFull Mix1:02
  • 002Super Colossal30 Sec0:30
  • 003Super Colossal15 Sec0:15
  • 004Super ColossalShaker:Clap Stem1:02
  • 005Super ColossalDrum Stem1:02
  • 006Super ColossalFX Stem1:02
  • 007Mint ConditionFull Mix1:01
  • 008Mint Condition90sec1:29
  • 009Mint Condition15sec0:15
  • 010Mint Condition30sec0:30
  • 011Mint ConditionGuitar Stem1:29
  • 012Mint ConditionBass Stem1:29
  • 013Mint ConditionDrum Stem1:29
  • 014Mint ConditionFX Stem1:29
  • 015Heavy HittaFull Mix1:01
  • 016Heavy Hitta30 Sec0:30
  • 017Heavy Hitta15 Sec0:16
  • 018Heavy HittaDrum Stem1:01
  • 019Heavy HittaFX Stem1:01
  • 020JumpstartFull Mix1:40
  • 021Jupstart60sec0:59
  • 022Jupstart30sec0:30
  • 023Jupstart15sec0:15
  • 024JumpstartVocals1:40
  • 025JumpstartSynths1:40
  • 026JumpstartBasses1:40
  • 027JumpstartPercussion1:40
  • 028JumpstartHits and Risers1:40
  • 029JumpstartSFX1:40
  • 030CaptivateFull MIx1:02
  • 031Captivate30sec0:30
  • 032Captivate15sec0:15
  • 033CaptivateLead:Synth Stem1:02
  • 034CaptivateBass Stem1:02
  • 035CaptivateDrum Stem1:02
  • 036CaptivateFX Stem1:02
  • 037City StrutFull Mix1:00
  • 038City Strut30 Sec0:31
  • 039City Strut15 Sec0:15
  • 040City StrutPad:Lead Stem1:00
  • 041City StrutHorns Stem1:00
  • 042City StrutBass Stem1:00
  • 043City StrutDrum Stem1:00
  • 044City StrutFX Stem1:00
  • 045Raise The CeilingFull Mix1:33
  • 046Raise The Ceiling60 Sec1:00
  • 047Raise The Ceiling30 Sec0:30
  • 048Raise The Ceiling15 Sec0:16
  • 049Raise The CeilingLeads Stem1:33
  • 050Raise The CeilingGuitar Stem1:33
  • 051Raise The CeilingBass Stem1:33
  • 052Raise The CeilingDrum Stem1:33
  • 053Raise The CeilingFX Stem1:33
  • 054The Walk OffFull Mix1:00
  • 055The Walk Off30 Sec0:31
  • 056The Walk Off15 Sec0:15
  • 057The Walk OffHorn Stems1:00
  • 058The Walk OffGuitar Stems1:00
  • 059The Walk OffBass Stems1:00
  • 060The Walk OffDrum Stems1:00
  • 061The Walk OffFX:Vocal Chops Stems1:00
  • 062TictacFull Mix1:30
  • 063Tictac60sec1:00
  • 064Tictac30sec0:30
  • 065Tictac15sec0:15
  • 066TictacVocals Stem1:30
  • 067TictacSynths Stem1:30
  • 068TictacClicks Stem1:30
  • 069TictacPercussion Stem1:30
  • 070TictacHits and Risers Stem1:30
  • 071TictacSFX Stem1:30




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