Clicks 'n' Snaps & Stomping Claps

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Clicks 'n' Snaps & Stomping Claps SSM0182

This unique fresh collection of percussion tracks combines finger snaps, hand claps, and foot stomps to create a wonderful energetic percussion grooves. Great for Commercials/Promos, Sports, Action, Comedy

Space & Sound Music SSM0182

  • 001Havanna StompFull Mix2:10
  • 002Havanna Stomp60sec1:00
  • 003Havanna Stomp30sec0:30
  • 004Havanna Stomp15sec0:15
  • 005Havanna StompVox Stem2:10
  • 006Havanna StompPercussion Stem2:10
  • 007Havanna StompClaps Stem2:10
  • 008Havanna StompStomps Stem2:10
  • 009Havanna StompFX Stem2:10
  • 010Feel the BeatFull Mix2:16
  • 011Feel the Beat60sec1:00
  • 012Feel the Beat30sec0:30
  • 013Feel the Beat15sec0:15
  • 014Feel the BeatClaps Stem2:16
  • 015Feel the BeatStomps Stem2:16
  • 016Feel the BeatSnaps & FX Stem2:16
  • 017Beat The StreetsFull Mix2:13
  • 018Beat The Streets60sec1:00
  • 019Beat The Streets30sec0:30
  • 020Beat The Streets15sec0:15
  • 021Beat The StreetsPercussion Stem2:13
  • 022Beat The StreetsHuman Perc Stem2:13
  • 023Beat The StreetsClaps Stem2:13
  • 024Beat The StreetsStomps Stem2:13
  • 025Irons in the FireFull Mix2:09
  • 026Irons in the Fire60sec1:00
  • 027Irons in the Fire30sec0:30
  • 028Irons in the Fire15sec0:15
  • 029Irons in the FireVocal Stem2:09
  • 030Irons in the FireLap Perc & FX Stem2:09
  • 031Irons in the FireClaps Stem2:09
  • 032Irons in the FireStomps Stem2:09
  • 033Clock StopFull Mix2:13
  • 034Clock Stop60Sec1:00
  • 035Clock Stop30Sec0:30
  • 036Clock Stop15Sec0:15
  • 037Clock StopPercussion Stem2:13
  • 038Clock StopHuman Percussion Stem2:13
  • 039Clock StopClaps Stem2:13
  • 040Clock StopStomps Stem2:13
  • 041All The TrapingsFull Mix2:14
  • 042All The Trapings60sec1:00
  • 043All The Trapings30sec0:30
  • 044All The Trapings15sec0:15
  • 045All The TrapingsClaps Stem2:14
  • 046All The TrapingsPercussion Stem2:14
  • 047All The TrapingsStomps Stem2:14
  • 048Sock It To YaFull Mix2:08
  • 049Sock It To Ya60sec1:00
  • 050Sock It To Ya30sec0:30
  • 051Sock It To Ya15sec0:15
  • 052Sock It To YaVox Stem2:08
  • 053Sock It To YaPercussion Stem2:08
  • 054Sock It To YaStomps Stem2:08
  • 055Sock It To YaFX Stem2:08
  • 056Sock It To YaClaps Stem2:08
  • 057Bone ChaserFull Mix2:02
  • 058Bone Chaser60sec1:00
  • 059Bone Chaser30sec0:30
  • 060Bone Chaser15sec0:15
  • 061Bone ChaserClaps Stem2:02
  • 062Bone ChaserPercussion Stem2:02
  • 063Bone ChaserStomps Stem2:02
  • 064Bone ChaserFX Stem2:02
  • 065Clap a doodle doFull Mix2:20
  • 066Clap a doodle do60sec1:00
  • 067Clap a doodle do30sec0:30
  • 068Clap a doodle do15sec0:15
  • 069Clap a doodle doClaps Stem2:20
  • 070Clap a doodle doPercussion Stem2:20
  • 071Clap a doodle doStomps Stem2:20
  • 072Flip SideFull Mix2:03
  • 073Flip Side60sec1:00
  • 074Flip Side30sec0:30
  • 075Flip Side15sec0:15
  • 076Flip SideClaps Stem2:03
  • 077Flip SidePerc Stem2:03
  • 078Flip SideStomps Stem2:03
  • 079Flip SideFX & Vocals Stem2:03




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