All Or Nothing Uplifting Indie Pop

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All Or Nothing Uplifting Indie Pop SSM0181

All Or Nothing is a positive uplifting indie pop experience which combines male and female background vocals and infectious grooves to uplift you to a happy place. With strong melodies and a bouncy solid groove, these tracks are great for Commercials, Lifestyle TV, Reality TV.

Space & Sound Music SSM0181

  • 001Bright FutureFull Mix2:02
  • 002Bright FutureAcapella Stem2:02
  • 003Bright FutureAlt Mix No Lead2:02
  • 004Bright Future60sec1:00
  • 005Bright Future30sec0:30
  • 006Bright Future15sec0:15
  • 007Bright FutureKeyboards Stem2:02
  • 008Bright FutureGuitars Stem2:02
  • 009Bright FutureBass Stem2:02
  • 010Bright FutureDrums Stem2:02
  • 011Bright FutureFX Stem2:02
  • 012Friday NightsFull Mix2:26
  • 013Friday NightsAcapella Stems2:26
  • 014Friday NightsAlt Mix No Lead2:26
  • 015Friday NightsKeyboards Stems2:26
  • 016Friday NightsGuitars Stems2:26
  • 017Friday NightsBass Stems2:26
  • 018Friday NightsPercussion Stems2:26
  • 019Friday NightsDrums Stems2:26
  • 020Friday NightsFX Stems2:26
  • 021Friday Nights60sec1:00
  • 022Friday Nights30sec0:30
  • 023Friday Nights15sec0:15
  • 024Parking LotsFull Mix2:25
  • 025Parking LotsAcapella Stem2:25
  • 026Parking LotsAlt Mix No Lead2:25
  • 027Parking Lots60sec1:00
  • 028Parking Lots30sec0:30
  • 029Parking Lots15sec0:15
  • 030Parking LotsKeyboards Stem2:25
  • 031Parking LotsGuitars Stem2:25
  • 032Parking LotsBass Stem2:25
  • 033Parking LotsDrums Stem2:25
  • 034Parking LotsFX Stem2:25
  • 035LegitFull Mix2:17
  • 036LegitAcapella Stem2:17
  • 037LegitAlt Mix No Lead2:17
  • 038Legit30sec0:30
  • 039Legit60sec1:00
  • 040Legit15sec0:15
  • 041LegitKeyboards Stem2:17
  • 042LegitGuitars Stem2:17
  • 043LegitBass Stem2:17
  • 044LegitDrums Stem2:17
  • 045LegitFX Stem2:17
  • 046Out All NightFull Mix2:08
  • 047Out All NightAcapella Stem2:08
  • 048Out All NightAlt Mix No Lead2:08
  • 049Out All Night60sec1:00
  • 050Out All Night30sec0:30
  • 051Out All Night15sec0:15
  • 052Out All NightOrchestral Stem2:08
  • 053Out All NightKeyboards Stem2:08
  • 054Out All NightGuitars Stem2:08
  • 055Out All NightBass Stem2:08
  • 056Out All NightPercussion Stem2:08
  • 057Out All NightDrums Stem2:08
  • 058Out All NightFX Stem2:08
  • 059TreasureFull Mix2:37
  • 060TreasureAcapella Stems2:37
  • 061TreasureAlt Mix No Lead2:37
  • 062Treasure60sec1:00
  • 063Treasure30sec0:30
  • 064Treasure15sec0:15
  • 065TreasureGuitars Stems2:37
  • 066TreasureKeyboards Stems2:37
  • 067TreasureBass Stems2:37
  • 068TreasurePercussion Stems2:37
  • 069TreasureDrum Stems2:37
  • 070TreasureFX Stems2:37
  • 071All About MeFull Mix2:11
  • 072All About MeAlt Mix No Lead2:11
  • 073All About Me60sec1:00
  • 074All About Me30sec0:30
  • 075All About Me15sec0:15
  • 076All About MeKeyboards Stems2:11
  • 077All About MeGuitars Stems2:11
  • 078All About MeBass Stems2:11
  • 079All About MeDrums Stems2:11
  • 080All About MeFX Stems2:11




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