Indie Pop/Rock With Horns

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Indie Pop/Rock With Horns SSM0178

This collection of Fun, Upbeat Indie Pop Rock tracks features funky bass and drums and groovy guitars. The icing on the cake is the added Horns.

Space & Sound Music SSM0178

  • 001Jump UpFull Mix2:15
  • 002Jump UpAlt Mix No Vcl2:15
  • 003Memphis GoodnessFull Mix (No ALt Mix)2:12
  • 004The RiserFull Mix (No ALt Mix)1:59
  • 005Feeling GoodFull Mix2:22
  • 006Feeling GoodAlt Mix_No Sax2:24
  • 007Jam and ButterFull Mix (No Alt Mix)2:07
  • 008Amber Got ItFull Mix2:02
  • 009Amber Got ItAlt Mix No Lead2:02
  • 010Amber Got It60Sec1:00
  • 011Amber Got It30 Sec0:30
  • 012Amber Got It15 Sec0:15
  • 013Amber Got ItPercussion Stem1:58
  • 014Amber Got ItKeyboards Stem1:58
  • 015Amber Got ItGuitars Stem2:02
  • 016Amber Got ItBass Stem2:02
  • 017Amber Got ItBrass Stem1:58
  • 018Amber Got ItDrums Stem1:58
  • 019Amber Got ItFX Stem1:58
  • 020Gonna Get YouFull Mix1:13
  • 021Gonna Get YouAlt Mix No Organ Lead1:13
  • 022Gonna Get YouKeys Stem1:13
  • 023Gonna Get YouGuitars Stem1:13
  • 024Gonna Get YouBass Stem1:13
  • 025Gonna Get YouDrums Stem1:13
  • 026AwakeFull Mix2:10
  • 027AwakeAlt Mix Drums and Bass2:10
  • 028Awake60sec1:00
  • 029Awake30 sec0:30
  • 030Awake15 sec0:15
  • 031AwakeKeyboards Stems2:04
  • 032AwakeGuitar Stems2:04
  • 033AwakeBass Stems2:10
  • 034AwakeDrums Stems2:05
  • 035AwakeFX Stems2:04




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