Moody Indie Grooves

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Moody Indie Grooves SSM0174

Moody Indie Grooves combines ambient guitar feedback and breakbeat style drums to create dark textured grooves. Great for Film, Documentary, and Drama

Space & Sound Music SSM0174

  • 001Unified DreamsFull Mix (No Alt Mixs)3:22
  • 002Guitar EchoesFull Mix_Arkadius Sojka2:53
  • 003Guitar EchoesAlt Mix No Lead2:53
  • 004Guitar Echoes60sec1:00
  • 005Guitar Echoes30sec0:30
  • 006Guitar Echoes15sec0:15
  • 007Guitar EchoesBowed Guitar Stem2:53
  • 008Guitar EchoesGuitars Stem2:53
  • 009Guitar EchoesLead Melody Stem2:53
  • 010Guitar EchoesBass Stem2:53
  • 011Guitar EchoesDrums Stem2:53
  • 012Zero ToleranceFull Mix1:58
  • 013Zero ToleranceAlt Mix_No Guitar Leads1:58
  • 014Zero Tolerance60sec1:00
  • 015Zero Tolerance30sec0:30
  • 016Zero Tolerance15sec0:15
  • 017Zero ToleranceDistorted Guit Stem1:58
  • 018Zero ToleranceGuit Stem1:58
  • 019Zero ToleranceRhythmic Guit Stem1:58
  • 020Zero ToleranceSynth Arps Stem1:58
  • 021Zero ToleranceSynth Stem1:58
  • 022Zero ToleranceBass Stem1:58
  • 023Zero ToleranceDrums Stem1:58
  • 024Dark And DangerousFull Mix2:34
  • 025Dark And DangerousAlt Mix Lite2:34
  • 026Dark And Dangerous60sec1:03
  • 027Dark And Dangerous30sec0:32
  • 028Dark And Dangerous15sec0:15
  • 029Dark And DangerousKeys Stem2:34
  • 030Dark And DangerousDrones Stem2:34
  • 031Dark And DangerousGuitars Stem2:34
  • 032Dark And DangerousDrums Stem2:34
  • 033Dark And DangerousSFX Stem2:34
  • 034Only One ChanceFull Mix2:21
  • 035Only One ChanceAlt Mix Lite2:21
  • 036Only One Chance60sec1:02
  • 037Only One Chance30sec0:32
  • 038Only One Chance15sec0:15
  • 039Only One ChanceDrone Stem2:21
  • 040Only One ChanceGuitar Stem2:21
  • 041Only One ChanceKeys Stem2:21
  • 042Only One ChanceBass Stem2:21
  • 043Only One ChanceDrums Stem2:21
  • 044Through The Looking GlassFull Mix2:12
  • 045Through The Looking GlassAlt Mix Lite2:12
  • 046Through The Looking Glass60sec1:02
  • 047Through The Looking Glass30sec0:33
  • 048Through The Looking Glass15sec0:15
  • 049Through The Looking GlassDrone Stem2:12
  • 050Through The Looking GlassGuitars Stem2:12
  • 051Through The Looking GlassKeys Stem2:12
  • 052Through The Looking GlassLead Stem2:12
  • 053Through The Looking GlassBass Stem2:12
  • 054Through The Looking GlassDrums Stem2:12




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