Epic Hip Hop Orchestra

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Epic Hip Hop Orchestra SSM0171

Powerful, exciting and dynamic, this collection of confident tracks features hip hop/trap beats combined with an epic orchestra. Great for Sports, Reality TV, Commercials, Promos

Space & Sound Music SSM0171

  • 001In Trap We TrustFull Mix2:06
  • 002In Trap We TrustAlt Mix No Lead No Choir2:06
  • 003In Trap We Trust601:00
  • 004In Trap We Trust300:30
  • 005In Trap We Trust150:15
  • 006In Trap We TrustOrchestra Stem2:06
  • 007In Trap We TrustSynth Stem2:06
  • 008In Trap We TrustBass Stem2:06
  • 009In Trap We TrustDrums Stem2:06
  • 010Fight Another DayFull Mix2:05
  • 011Fight Another DayAlt Mix No Lead No Choir2:05
  • 012Fight Another Day601:00
  • 013Fight Another Day300:30
  • 014Fight Another Day150:15
  • 015Fight Another DaySynth Stem2:05
  • 016Fight Another DayOrchestra Stem2:05
  • 017Fight Another DayBass Stem2:05
  • 018Fight Another DayDrums Stem2:05
  • 019The Battle Is Upon UsFull Mix2:15
  • 020The Battle Is Upon UsAlt Mix No Lead No Choir2:15
  • 021The Battle Is Upon Us601:00
  • 022The Battle Is Upon Us300:30
  • 023The Battle Is Upon Us150:15
  • 024The Battle Is Upon UsSynth Stem2:15
  • 025The Battle Is Upon UsOrchestra Stem2:15
  • 026The Battle Is Upon UsBass Stem2:15
  • 027The Battle Is Upon UsDrums Stem2:15
  • 028The Spy Who Trapped MeFull Mix2:00
  • 029The Spy Who Trapped MeAlt Mix No Lead No Choir2:00
  • 030The Spy Who Trapped Me601:00
  • 031The Spy Who Trapped Me300:30
  • 032The Spy Who Trapped Me150:15
  • 033The Spy Who Trapped MeSynth Stem2:00
  • 034The Spy Who Trapped MeOrchestra Stem2:00
  • 035The Spy Who Trapped MeBass Stem2:00
  • 036The Spy Who Trapped MeDrums Stem2:00
  • 037Is This The Fight You Want?Full Mix2:13
  • 038Is This The Fight You Want?Alt Mix No Lead No Choir2:13
  • 039Is This The Fight You Want?601:00
  • 040Is This The Fight You Want?300:30
  • 041Is This The Fight You Want?150:15
  • 042Is This The Fight You Want?Orchestra Stem2:13
  • 043Is This The Fight You Want?Synth Stem2:13
  • 044Is This The Fight You Want?Bass Stem2:13
  • 045Is This The Fight You Want?Drums Stem2:13
  • 046Are You Ready For WarFull Mix2:13
  • 047Are You Ready For WarAlt Mix No Lead No Choir2:13
  • 048Are You Ready For War601:00
  • 049Are You Ready For War300:30
  • 050Are You Ready For War150:15
  • 051Are You Ready For WarOrchestra Stem2:13
  • 052Are You Ready For WarSynth Stem2:13
  • 053Are You Ready For WarBass Stem2:13
  • 054Are You Ready For WarDrums Stem2:13
  • 055Lord Of The TrapFull Mix2:05
  • 056Lord Of The TrapAlt Mix No Lead No Choir2:05
  • 057Lord Of The Trap601:00
  • 058Lord Of The Trap300:29
  • 059Lord Of The Trap150:15
  • 060Lord Of The TrapOrchestra Stem2:05
  • 061Lord Of The TrapSynth Stem2:05
  • 062Lord Of The TrapBass Stem2:05
  • 063Lord Of The TrapDrums Stem2:05
  • 064Suit Up For BattleFull Mix2:05
  • 065Suit Up For BattleAlt Mix No Lead No Choir2:05
  • 066Suit Up For Battle601:00
  • 067Suit Up For Battle300:30
  • 068Suit Up For Battle150:15
  • 069Suit Up For BattleOrchestra Stem2:05
  • 070Suit Up For BattleSynth Stem2:05
  • 071Suit Up For BattleBass Stem2:05
  • 072Suit Up For BattleDrums Stem2:05




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