Comedy Gold Orchestra

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Comedy Gold Orchestra SSM0170

Funny, mischievous and playful, this collection of silly tracks features exciting strings and animated woodwinds that will leave you in stiches.

Space & Sound Music SSM0170

  • 001Howdy BuddyFull Mix2:08
  • 002Howdy BuddyAlt Mix No Lead2:08
  • 003Howdy Buddy60sec0:57
  • 004Howdy Buddy30sec0:30
  • 005Howdy Buddy15sec0:15
  • 006Howdy BuddyWoodwinds Stem2:08
  • 007Howdy BuddyStrings Stem2:08
  • 008Howdy BuddyGuitars Stem2:08
  • 009Howdy BuddyBrass Stem2:08
  • 010Howdy BuddyTonal Percussion Stem2:08
  • 011Chitter ChatterFull Mix2:11
  • 012Chitter ChatterAlt Mix No Lead2:11
  • 013Chitter Chatter60sec0:59
  • 014Chitter Chatter30sec0:29
  • 015Chitter Chatter15sec0:14
  • 016Chitter ChatterBrass Stem2:11
  • 017Chitter ChatterStrings Stem2:11
  • 018Chitter ChatterTonal Percussion Stem2:11
  • 019Chitter ChatterWoodwinds Stem2:11
  • 020Chitter ChatterPercussion Stem2:11
  • 021Sassy PotatoFull Mix2:12
  • 022Sassy PotatoAlt Mix No Lead2:12
  • 023Sassy Potato60sec0:14
  • 024Sassy Potato30sec0:27
  • 025Sassy Potato15sec0:14
  • 026Sassy PotatoWoodwinds Stem2:12
  • 027Sassy PotatoStrings Stem2:12
  • 028Sassy PotatoBrass Stem2:12
  • 029Sassy PotatoTonal Percussion Stem2:12
  • 030Sassy PotatoPercussion Stem2:12
  • 031Totally Not SuspiciousFull Mix2:05
  • 032Totally Not SuspiciousAlt Mix No Lead2:05
  • 033Totally Not Suspicious60sec0:58
  • 034Totally Not Suspicious30sec0:29
  • 035Totally Not Suspicious15sec0:14
  • 036Totally Not SuspiciousWoodwinds Stem2:05
  • 037Totally Not SuspiciousStrings Stem2:05
  • 038Totally Not SuspiciousBrass Stem2:05
  • 039Totally Not SuspiciousBand Stem2:05
  • 040Totally Not SuspiciousPercussion Stem2:05
  • 041AlpacalypseFull Mix2:16
  • 042AlpacalypseAlt Mix No Lead2:16
  • 043Alpacalypse60sec0:59
  • 044Alpacalypse30sec0:29
  • 045Alpacalypse15sec0:14
  • 046AlpacalypseWoodwinds Stem2:16
  • 047AlpacalypseStrings Stem2:16
  • 048AlpacalypseBrass Stem2:16
  • 049AlpacalypseTonal Percussion Stem2:16
  • 050AlpacalypsePercussion Stem2:16
  • 051Nighttime ShenanigansFull Mix2:10
  • 052Nighttime ShenanigansAlt Mix No Lead2:10
  • 053Nighttime Shenanigans60s0:14
  • 054Nighttime Shenanigans30s0:29
  • 055Nighttime Shenanigans15s0:14
  • 056Nighttime ShenanigansWoodwinds Stem2:10
  • 057Nighttime ShenanigansStrings Stem2:10
  • 058Nighttime ShenanigansBrass Stem2:10
  • 059Nighttime ShenanigansTonal Percussion Stem2:10
  • 060Nighttime ShenanigansPercussion Stem2:10
  • 061A Cool FoolFull Mix2:06
  • 062A Cool FoolAlt Mix No Lead2:06
  • 063A Cool Fool60sec0:59
  • 064A Cool Fool30sec0:29
  • 065A Cool Fool15sec0:14
  • 066A Cool FoolBrass Stem2:06
  • 067A Cool FoolStrings Stem2:06
  • 068A Cool FoolWinds Stem2:06
  • 069A Cool FoolTonal Percussion Stem2:06
  • 070A Cool FoolPercussion Stem2:06
  • 071Grand AmusementFull Mix2:08
  • 072Grand AmusementAlt Mix No Lead2:08
  • 073Grand Amusement60sec0:59
  • 074Grand Amusement30sec0:29
  • 075Grand Amusement15sec0:14
  • 076Grand AmusementBand Stem2:08
  • 077Grand AmusementBrass Stem2:08
  • 078Grand AmusementWinds Stem2:08
  • 079Grand AmusementPercussion Stem2:08




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