Survive Epic Emotional With Vocals

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Survive Epic Emotional With Vocals SSM0168

Take on the world with these Epic Inspiring Orchestral tracks. Combining airy female vocals with explosive strings and percussion. This collection is great for Commercials, Sports, Trailers and Drama

Space & Sound Music SSM0168

  • 001I'm Gonna SurviveFull Mix1:07
  • 002I'm Gonna SurviveAlt Mix No Vocals1:07
  • 003I'm Gonna Survive30sec0:32
  • 004I'm Gonna Survive15sec0:18
  • 005I'm Gonna SurviveKeyboards Stem1:07
  • 006I'm Gonna SurviveVocals Stem1:07
  • 007I'm Gonna SurviveHits and Perc Stem1:07
  • 008NothingFull Mix1:28
  • 009NothingAlt Mix No Lead1:28
  • 010Nothing60 Sec1:00
  • 011Nothing30 Sec0:30
  • 012Nothing15 Sec0:15
  • 013NothingAcapella Stem1:28
  • 014NothingKeyboards Stem1:28
  • 015NothingPercussion Stem1:28
  • 016NothingStrings Stem1:28
  • 017NothingBass Stem1:28
  • 018NothingDrums Stem1:28
  • 019NothingFX Stem1:28
  • 020Reach for the PeakFull Mix1:04
  • 021Reach for the PeakAlt Mix No Lead1:04
  • 022Reach for the Peak60sec1:04
  • 023Reach for the Peak30sec0:30
  • 024Reach for the Peak15sec0:15
  • 025Reach for the PeakOrchestral Stem1:04
  • 026Reach for the PeakVocal Stem1:04
  • 027Reach for the PeakDrums and Perc Stem1:04
  • 028Reach for the PeakRise and Hits Stem1:04
  • 029Reach for the PeakSynths EFX Stem1:04




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