Higher Modern Pop

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Higher Modern Pop SSM0167

Well produced Modern Pop tracks, upbeat, fun and inspiring!!

Space & Sound Music SSM0167

  • 001My CrownFull Mix2:26
  • 002My CrownAlt Mix No Lead or Vox Fx2:26
  • 003My Crown60 Sec1:00
  • 004My Crown30 Sec0:30
  • 005My Crown15 Sec0:15
  • 006My CrownLead Inst Stem2:18
  • 007My CrownMain Inst Stem2:26
  • 008My CrownDrum Stem2:18
  • 009My CrownSFX Stem2:26
  • 010The HillsFull Mix2:12
  • 011The HillsAlt Mix No Vox2:12
  • 012The Hills60 Sec1:00
  • 013The Hills30 Sec0:30
  • 014The Hills15 Sec0:15
  • 015The HillsVox Chops Stem1:58
  • 016The HillsAmbience Stem2:12
  • 017The HillsInstruments Stem2:13
  • 018The HillsDrums Stem2:09
  • 019The HillsSFX Stem2:11
  • 020Out Of TownFull Mix2:14
  • 021Out Of TownAlt Mix Less Synths Hook2:14
  • 022Out Of TownAddtl Inst Stem2:10
  • 023Out Of Town60 Sec1:00
  • 024Out Of Town30 Sec0:30
  • 025Out Of Town15 Sec0:15
  • 026Out Of TownInst Stem2:13
  • 027Out Of TownDrum Stem2:12
  • 028Out Of TownSFX Stem2:14
  • 029The LeagueFull Mix3:06
  • 030The LeagueALT Mix No Vox or Strings3:06
  • 031The League60 Sec1:00
  • 032The League30 Sec0:30
  • 033The League15 Sec0:15
  • 034The LeagueGuitar Stem3:07
  • 035The LeagueStrings Stem3:07
  • 036The LeagueSynths Stem3:07
  • 037The LeagueVox Chops Stem3:07
  • 038The LeagueBass Stem3:07
  • 039The LeagueDrums Stem3:07
  • 040The LeagueFX Stem3:07
  • 041All I WantFull Mix2:10
  • 042All I WantAlt Mix2:10
  • 043All I Want60 Sec1:00
  • 044All I Want30 Sec0:30
  • 045All I Want15 Sec0:15
  • 046All I WantVox Chop Stem2:05
  • 047All I WantInst Stem2:10
  • 048All I WantAtmos Texture Stem2:03
  • 049All I WantDrum Stem2:03
  • 050HarleyFull Mix2:49
  • 051HarleyAlt Mix No Horns2:49
  • 052Harley60 Sec1:00
  • 053Harley30 Sec0:30
  • 054Harley15 Sec0:15
  • 055HarleyVox Chop Stem2:47
  • 056HarleyGuitar Stem2:49
  • 057HarleyHorn Stem2:46
  • 058HarleyKeys Synth Stem2:46
  • 059HarleyBass Stem2:45
  • 060HarleyDrums Stem2:17
  • 061HarleySFX Stem2:45
  • 062See YouFull Mix2:04
  • 063See YouAlt Mix2:04
  • 064See You60 Sec1:00
  • 065See You30 Sec0:30
  • 066See You15 Sec0:15
  • 067See YouAddtl Inst Stem2:04
  • 068See YouInst Stem2:04
  • 069See YouDrums Stem1:57
  • 070See YouFX Stem1:43
  • 071CoastlineFull Mix2:27
  • 072CoastlineAlt Mix No Lead2:27
  • 073Coastline60 Sec1:00
  • 074Coastline30 Sec0:30
  • 075Coastline15 Sec0:15
  • 076CoastlineLead Synth Stem2:24
  • 077CoastlineSynth Stem2:27
  • 078CoastlneVox Chops Stem2:24
  • 079CoastlineBass Stem2:21
  • 080CoastlneDrum Stem2:19
  • 081CoastlneSFX Stem2:19




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