Positive Anticipations

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Positive Anticipations SSM0166

Keep your audience engaged with this this collection of light positive forward moving tracks. Great for building anticipation! Something BIG is going to happen

Space & Sound Music SSM0166

  • 001Moving ForwardFull Mix2:00
  • 002Moving ForwardAlt Mix No Piano2:00
  • 003Moving ForwardAlt Mix No Perc2:00
  • 004Moving Forward60sec1:00
  • 005Moving Forward30sec0:29
  • 006Moving Forward15sec0:15
  • 007Moving ForwardWinds Stem2:00
  • 008Moving ForwardStrings Stem2:00
  • 009Moving ForwardPluck Stem2:00
  • 010Moving ForwardPizz Stem2:00
  • 011Moving ForwardPiano Stem2:00
  • 012Moving ForwardBrass Stem2:00
  • 013Moving ForwardHitRises Stem2:00
  • 014Moving ForwardPerc Stem2:00
  • 015Positive AmbitionsFull Mix2:04
  • 016Positive AmbitionsAlt Mix No Leads2:04
  • 017Positive AmbitionsAlt Mix No Perc2:04
  • 018Positive Ambitions60sec1:00
  • 019Positive Ambitions30sec0:30
  • 020Positive Ambitions15sec0:15
  • 021Positive AmbitionsMallets Stem2:04
  • 022Positive AmbitionsStrings Short Stem2:04
  • 023Positive AmbitionsStrings Long Stem2:04
  • 024Positive AmbitionsPizz Stem2:04
  • 025Positive AmbitionsPiano Stem2:04
  • 026Positive AmbitionsSynth Bass Stem2:04
  • 027Positive AmbitionsPerc Stem2:04
  • 028We Got ThisFull Mix2:22
  • 029We Got ThisAlt Mix No Lead2:22
  • 030We Got This60sec1:00
  • 031We Got This30sec0:30
  • 032We Got This15sec0:15
  • 033We Got ThisMallets Stem2:22
  • 034We Got ThisHorns Stem2:22
  • 035We Got ThisPiano Stem2:22
  • 036We Got ThisPizz Stem2:22
  • 037We Got ThisStrings Long Stem2:22
  • 038We Got ThisStrings Short Stem2:22
  • 039We Got ThisPerc Stem2:22
  • 040Off KilterFull Mix1:50
  • 041Off KilterAlt Mix No Perc1:50
  • 042Off KilterAlt Mix Strings Only1:50
  • 043Off Kilter600:58
  • 044Off Kilter30sec0:30
  • 045Off Kilter15sec0:15
  • 046Off KilterMallets Stem1:50
  • 047Off KilterWinds Stem1:50
  • 048Off KilterSynth Stem1:50
  • 049Off KilterStrings Short Stem1:50
  • 050Off KilterStrings Long Stem1:50
  • 051Off KilterPizz Stem1:50
  • 052Off KilterRisesHits Stem1:50
  • 053Off KilterPerc Stem1:50
  • 054Bright IntentionsFull Mix2:16
  • 055Bright IntentionsAlt Mix No Lead2:16
  • 056Bright Intentions60sec1:00
  • 057Bright Intentions30sec0:30
  • 058Bright Intentions15sec0:15
  • 059Bright IntentionsPiano Stem2:16
  • 060Bright IntentionsArps Stem2:16
  • 061Bright IntentionsMallets Stem2:16
  • 062Bright IntentionsPizz Stem2:16
  • 063Bright IntentionsPluck Stem2:16
  • 064Bright IntentionsStrings Stem2:16
  • 065Bright IntentionsSynth Low Stem2:16
  • 066Bright IntentionsRisesHits Stem2:16
  • 067Bright IntentionsPerc Stem2:16
  • 068Going for GoldFull Mix2:16
  • 069Going for GoldAlt Mix No Piano2:16
  • 070Going for GoldAlt Mix No Perc2:16
  • 071Going for Gold60sec1:00
  • 072Going for Gold30sec0:30
  • 073Going for Gold15sec0:15
  • 074Going for GoldGuitar Stem2:16
  • 075Going for GoldHitsRises Stem2:16
  • 076Going for GoldMallets Stem2:16
  • 077Going for GoldStrings Stem2:16
  • 078Going for GoldPiano Stem2:16
  • 079Going for GoldPlucks Stem2:16
  • 080Going for GoldRisesHits Stem2:16
  • 081Going for GoldSynth Hi Stem2:16
  • 082Going for GoldSynth Low Stem2:16
  • 083Going for GoldPerc Stem2:16
  • 084High MotivationFull Mix2:17
  • 085High MotivationAlt Mix No Perc2:17
  • 086High Motivation60sec1:00
  • 087High Motivation30sec0:30
  • 088High Motivation15sec0:15
  • 089High MotivationMallets Stem0:19
  • 090High MotivationPiano Stem2:17
  • 091High MotivationPizz Stem2:17
  • 092High MotivationRises Stem2:17
  • 093High MotivationStrings Long Stem2:17
  • 094High MotivationStrings Short Stem2:17
  • 095High MotivationSynth Stem2:17
  • 096High MotivationPerc Stem2:17




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