Boom Box Electronic Pop

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Boom Box Electronic Pop SSM0163

Exciting, funky and cool, this collection of upbeat tracks features bright synths and lively drums that will get everyone on their feet.

Space & Sound Music SSM0163

  • 001The Light Roomfull mix2:19
  • 002The Light Roomalt mix no lead2:19
  • 003The Light Room60sec1:00
  • 004The Light Room30sec0:30
  • 005The Light Room15sec0:15
  • 006The Light Roompad stem2:19
  • 007The Light Roomlead stem2:19
  • 008The Light Roomkeyboard stem2:19
  • 009The Light Roomguitar stem2:19
  • 010The Light Roombass stem2:19
  • 011The Light Roomdrum stem2:19
  • 012The Light Roomfx stem2:19
  • 013Love or Nothingfull mix2:23
  • 014Love or Nothingalt mix no lead2:23
  • 015Love or Nothing60secs1:00
  • 016Love or Nothing30secs0:30
  • 017Love or Nothing15secs0:15
  • 018Love or Nothinglead stem2:23
  • 019Love or Nothingsynth stem2:23
  • 020Love or Nothingkeys stem2:23
  • 021Love or Nothingbass stem2:23
  • 022Love or Nothingdrums stem2:23
  • 023Love or Nothingfx stem2:23
  • 024Fire In Mefull mix2:50
  • 025Fire In Mealt mix no synth2:50
  • 026Fire In Me60 sec0:59
  • 027Fire In Me30 sec0:29
  • 028Fire In Me15 sec0:15
  • 029Fire In Melead stem2:50
  • 030Fire In Mekeys stem2:50
  • 031Fire In Meguitar stem2:50
  • 032Fire In MeBass Stem2:50
  • 033Fire In Medrums stem2:50
  • 034Fire In Mefx stem2:50
  • 035In the Moodfull mix2:13
  • 036In the Moodalt mix no lead2:13
  • 037In the Mood60secs1:00
  • 038In the Mood30secs0:30
  • 039In the Mood15secs0:14
  • 040In the Moodlead stem2:13
  • 041In the Moodkeys stem2:13
  • 042In the Moodguitar stem2:13
  • 043In the Moodbass stem2:13
  • 044In the Mooddrums stem2:13
  • 045In the Moodfx stem2:13
  • 046Skylinefull mix2:57
  • 047Skylinealt mix no lead2:57
  • 048Skyline60secs1:00
  • 049Skyline30secs0:30
  • 050Skyline15secs0:14
  • 051Skylinelead stem2:57
  • 052Skylinechords stem2:57
  • 053Skylineguitar stem2:57
  • 054Skylinesynth stem2:57
  • 055Skylinebass stem2:57
  • 056Skylinedrums stem2:57
  • 057Skylinefx stem2:57
  • 058Open Heavensfull mix2:21
  • 059Open Heavensalt mix no lead2:21
  • 060Open Heavens60secs1:00
  • 061Open Heavens30secs0:30
  • 062Open Heavens15secs0:15
  • 063Open Heavenslead stem2:21
  • 064Open Heavenskeys stem2:21
  • 065Open Heavensbass stem2:21
  • 066Open Heavensdrums stem2:21
  • 067Open Heavensfx stem2:21
  • 068Funk Townfull mix2:19
  • 069Funk Townalt mix no lead2:19
  • 070Funk Town60sec1:00
  • 071Funk Town30sec0:30
  • 072Funk Town15sec0:15
  • 073Funk Townlead synth stem2:19
  • 074Funk Townkeys stem2:19
  • 075Funk Townguitar stem2:19
  • 076Funk Townbass stem2:19
  • 077Funk Towndrums stem2:19
  • 078Funk Townfx stem2:19
  • 079Through the Rooffull mix2:51
  • 080Through the Roofalt mix no lead2:53
  • 081Through the Roof60sec1:00
  • 082Through the Roof30sec0:30
  • 083Through the Roof15sec0:15
  • 084Through the Rooflead stem2:51
  • 085Through the Roofkeyboard stem2:51
  • 086Through the Roofguitar stem2:51
  • 087Through the Roofbass stem2:51
  • 088Through the Roofdrum stem2:51
  • 089Through the Rooffx stem2:51
  • 090Turn it Upfull mix2:24
  • 091Turn it Upalt mix no lead2:24
  • 092Turn it Up60secs1:00
  • 093Turn it Up30secs0:30
  • 094Turn it Up15secs0:15
  • 095Turn it Uplead stem2:24
  • 096Turn it Upkeys stem2:24
  • 097Turn it Upguitar stem2:24
  • 098Turn it Upbass stem2:24
  • 099Turn it Updrums stem2:24
  • 100Turn it Upfx stem2:24
  • 101Energized Lovefull mix2:17
  • 102Energized LoveAlt Mix no synth2:17
  • 103Energized Love60secs1:00
  • 104Energized Love30secs0:29
  • 105Energized Love15secs0:14
  • 106Energized lovelead synth stem2:13
  • 107Energized lovekeys stem2:13
  • 108Energized LoveBass Stem2:13
  • 109Energized Lovedrums stem2:13
  • 110Energized Lovefx stem2:13




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