All My Emotions Modern Cinematic

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All My Emotions Modern Cinematic SSM0160

Moving, powerful and inspirational, this emotional album features uplifting strings, massive percussion and modern production techniques that will make you want to take on the world.

Space & Sound Music SSM0160

  • 001A New Way ForwardFull Mix2:45
  • 002A New Way ForwardAlt Mix No Vocal chop2:45
  • 003A New Way Forward60 sec1:00
  • 004A New Way Forward30 sec0:30
  • 005A New Way Forward15 sec0:15
  • 006A New Way ForwardVocal Stem2:45
  • 007A New Way ForwardStrings Stem2:45
  • 008A New Way ForwardPiano Stem2:45
  • 009A New Way ForwardBAss Stem2:45
  • 010A New Way ForwardDrums Stem2:45
  • 011Nothing LeftFull Mix3:18
  • 012Nothing LeftAlt Mix No vocal chops3:18
  • 013Nothing Left60 sec0:59
  • 014Nothing Left30 sec0:29
  • 015Nothing Left15 sec0:15
  • 016Nothing LeftStrings Stem3:18
  • 017Nothing LeftPiano Stem3:18
  • 018Nothing LeftBAss Stem3:18
  • 019Nothing LeftDrums Stem3:18
  • 020Nothing LeftSFX Stem3:18
  • 021The Open RoadFull Mix2:31
  • 022The Open RoadAlt Mix No Breakbeat1:24
  • 023The Open Road60sec1:00
  • 024The Open Road30sec0:30
  • 025The Open Road15sec0:15
  • 026The Open RoadTrumpet Stem2:31
  • 027The Open RoadStrings Stem2:31
  • 028The Open RoadPiano Stem2:31
  • 029The Open RoadBass Stem2:31
  • 030The Open RoadDrums Stem2:31
  • 031Fading LightFull Mix1:28
  • 032Fading LightAlt Mix No vocal1:28
  • 033Fading Light60 sec1:00
  • 034Fading Light30 sec0:30
  • 035Fading Light15 sec0:14
  • 036Fading Lightvocals Stem1:28
  • 037Fading Lightstrings Stem1:28
  • 038Fading LightPianos Stem1:28
  • 039Fading Lightguitars Stem1:28
  • 040Fading LightBass Stem1:28
  • 041Fading LightDrums Stem1:28
  • 042Living On The EdgeFull Mix2:58
  • 043Living On The EdgeAlt Mix No Break Beat2:58
  • 044Living On The Edge60sec1:00
  • 045Living On The Edge30sec0:31
  • 046Living On The Edge15sec0:15
  • 047Living On The EdgeCello Stem2:58
  • 048Living On The EdgeHorns Stem2:58
  • 049Living On The EdgePianos Stem2:58
  • 050Living On The EdgeSynths Stem2:58
  • 051Living On The EdgeBass Stem2:58
  • 052Living On The EdgeDrums Stem2:58
  • 053Rising HorizonsFull Mix3:49
  • 054Rising HorizonsAlt Mix No Drums3:49
  • 055Rising Horizons60sec1:00
  • 056Rising Horizons30sec0:28
  • 057Rising Horizons15sec0:15
  • 058Rising Horizonsstrings Stem3:49
  • 059Rising HorizonsPianos Stem3:49
  • 060Rising HorizonsBAss Stem3:49
  • 061EPICFull Mix3:15
  • 062EPICAlt Mix No Trumpet3:15
  • 063EPIC60sec1:00
  • 064EPIC30sec0:30
  • 065EPIC15sec0:15
  • 066EPICBAss Stem3:15
  • 067EPICPads Stem3:15
  • 068EPICHorns Stem3:15
  • 069EPICDrums Stem3:15




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