Survive & Conquer Action Adventure

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Survive & Conquer Action Adventure SSM0154

Epic, intense and motivational, this collection of dramatic tracks features soaring strings and thunderous percussion that will help you vanquish all in your path.

Space & Sound Music SSM0154

  • 001Heroes Of The Dark NightFull Mix2:26
  • 002Heroes Of The Dark NightAlt Mix No Lead2:26
  • 003Heroes Of The Dark Night60sec1:00
  • 004Heroes Of The Dark Night30sec0:30
  • 005Heroes Of The Dark Night15sec0:15
  • 006Heroes Of The Dark NightBass Stem2:26
  • 007Heroes Of The Dark NightBrass Stem2:26
  • 008Heroes Of The Dark NightChoir Stem2:26
  • 009Heroes Of The Dark NightString Long Stem2:26
  • 010Heroes Of The Dark NightString Short Stem2:26
  • 011Heroes Of The Dark NightSynth Stem2:26
  • 012Heroes Of The Dark NightBooms Stem2:26
  • 013Heroes Of The Dark NightDrums Stem2:26
  • 014Heroes Of The Dark NightSFX Stem2:26
  • 015Riders Of The Low CloudFull Mix2:46
  • 016Riders Of The Low CloudAlt Mix No Lead2:46
  • 017Riders Of The Low Cloud60sec1:00
  • 018Riders Of The Low Cloud30sec0:30
  • 019Riders Of The Low Cloud15sec0:15
  • 020Riders Of The Low CloudSynth Stem2:46
  • 021Riders Of The Low CloudString Short Stem2:46
  • 022Riders Of The Low CloudChoir Stem2:46
  • 023Riders Of The Low CloudBrass Stem2:46
  • 024Riders Of The Low CloudBass Stem2:46
  • 025Riders Of The Low CloudBooms Stem2:46
  • 026Riders Of The Low CloudDrums Stem2:46
  • 027Battles Of The Dark HallFull Mix2:37
  • 028Battles Of The Dark HallAlt Mix No Lead2:37
  • 029Battles Of The Dark Hall60sec1:00
  • 030Battles Of The Dark Hall30sec0:30
  • 031Battles Of The Dark Hall15sec0:15
  • 032Battles Of The Dark HallBass Stem2:37
  • 033Battles Of The Dark HallBrass Stem2:37
  • 034Battles Of The Dark HallChoir Stem2:37
  • 035Battles Of The Dark HallString Long Stem2:37
  • 036Battles Of The Dark HallString Short Stem2:37
  • 037Battles Of The Dark HallSynth Stem2:37
  • 038Battles Of The Dark HallDrum Stem2:37
  • 039Battles Of The Dark HallSFX Stem2:37
  • 040The Fight Has Just BegunFull Mix2:05
  • 041The Fight Has Just BegunAlt Mix No Lead2:05
  • 042The Fight Has Just Begun60sec1:00
  • 043The Fight Has Just Begun30sec0:30
  • 044The Fight Has Just Begun15sec0:15
  • 045The Fight Has Just BegunSynth Stem2:05
  • 046The Fight Has Just BegunString Short Stem2:05
  • 047The Fight Has Just BegunSTR LONG2:05
  • 048The Fight Has Just BegunBrass Stem2:05
  • 049The Fight Has Just BegunBoom Stem2:05
  • 050The Fight Has Just BegunBass Stem2:05
  • 051The Fight Has Just BegunWhoosh Stem2:05
  • 052The Fight Has Just BegunDrum Stem2:05
  • 053You Are UnstoppableFull Mix2:38
  • 054You Are UnstoppableAlt Mix No Lead2:38
  • 055You Are Unstoppable60sec1:00
  • 056You Are Unstoppable30sec0:30
  • 057You Are Unstoppable15sec0:15
  • 058You Are UnstoppableSynth Stem2:38
  • 059You Are UnstoppableString Short Stem2:38
  • 060You Are UnstoppableString Long Stem2:38
  • 061You Are UnstoppableChoir Stem2:38
  • 062You Are UnstoppableBrass Stem2:38
  • 063You Are UnstoppableDrum Stem2:38
  • 064You Are UnstoppableBass Stem2:38
  • 065You Are UnstoppableSFX Stem2:38
  • 066The Zenith ApproachesFull Mix2:30
  • 067The Zenith ApproachesAlt Mix No Lead2:30
  • 068The Zenith Approaches60sec1:00
  • 069The Zenith Approaches30sec0:30
  • 070The Zenith Approaches15sec0:15
  • 071The Zenith ApproachesStrings Short Stem2:30
  • 072The Zenith ApproachesWoodwinds Stem2:30
  • 073The Zenith ApproachesSynth Stem2:30
  • 074The Zenith ApproachesStrings Long Stem2:30
  • 075The Zenith ApproachesChoir Stem2:30
  • 076The Zenith ApproachesBrass Stem2:30
  • 077The Zenith ApproachesBass Stem2:30
  • 078The Zenith ApproachesBooms Stem2:30
  • 079The Zenith ApproachesDrums Stem2:30
  • 080The Zenith ApproachesSFX Stem2:30
  • 081Immortal BeastsFull Mix2:24
  • 082Immortal BeastsAlt Mix No Lead2:24
  • 083Immortal Beasts60sec1:00
  • 084Immortal Beasts30sec0:30
  • 085Immortal Beasts15sec0:15
  • 086Immortal BeastsBass Stem2:24
  • 087Immortal BeastsBrass Stem2:24
  • 088Immortal BeastsChoir Stem2:24
  • 089Immortal BeastsString Long Stem2:24
  • 090Immortal BeastsString Short Stem2:24
  • 091Immortal BeastsSynth Stem2:24
  • 092Immortal BeastsBoom Stem2:24
  • 093Immortal BeastsDrum Stem2:24
  • 094Immortal BeastsSFX Stem2:24
  • 095We Ride The StormFull Mix2:44
  • 096We Ride The StormAlt Mix No Lead2:44
  • 097We Ride The Storm60sec1:00
  • 098We Ride The Storm30sec0:30
  • 099We Ride The Storm15sec0:15
  • 100We Ride The StormBass Stem2:44
  • 101We Ride The StormBrass Stem2:44
  • 102We Ride The StormChoir Stem2:44
  • 103We Ride The StormSFX Stem2:44
  • 104We Ride The StormString Long Stem2:44
  • 105We Ride The StormString Short Stem2:44
  • 106We Ride The StormSynth Stem2:44
  • 107We Ride The StormDrum Stem2:44
  • 108We Ride The StormOrchestra FX Stem2:44




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