Stomp & Clap

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Stomp & Clap SSM0153

Adventurous, tough and inspiring, this collection of powerful tracks features gritty guitars and thunderous percussion that will make sure you always come out on top.

Space & Sound Music SSM0153

  • 001Fire It UpFull Mix2:41
  • 002Fire It UpAlt Mix No Vocals2:41
  • 003Fire It Up60sec1:00
  • 004Fire It Up30sec0:30
  • 005Fire It Up15sec0:14
  • 006Fire It UpVocals Stem2:41
  • 007Fire It UpKeyboards Stem2:41
  • 008Fire It UpGuitars Stem2:41
  • 009Fire It UpBass Stem2:41
  • 010Fire It UpDrums Stem2:41
  • 011You Got ThisFull Mix2:13
  • 012You Got ThisAlt Mix No Lead2:13
  • 013You Got This60sec1:00
  • 014You Got This30sec0:29
  • 015You Got This15sec0:15
  • 016You Got ThisVocal Stem2:13
  • 017You Got ThisKeys Stem2:13
  • 018You Got ThisGuitars Stem2:13
  • 019You Got ThisBuzz Synth Stem2:13
  • 020You Got ThisBass Stem2:13
  • 021You Got ThisDrums Stem2:13
  • 022Bring the FightFull Mix2:22
  • 023Bring the FightAlt Mix No Vocals2:22
  • 024Bring the Fight60sec1:00
  • 025Bring the Fight30sec0:30
  • 026Bring the Fight15sec0:15
  • 027Bring the FightVocals Stem2:22
  • 028Bring the FightGuitars Stem2:22
  • 029Bring the FightKeyboards Stem2:22
  • 030Bring the FightBass Stem2:22
  • 031Bring the FightDrums Stem2:22
  • 032Cross That LineFull Mix3:06
  • 033Cross That LineAlt Mix No Vocals3:06
  • 034Cross That Line60sec1:00
  • 035Cross That Line30sec0:29
  • 036Cross That Line15sec0:15
  • 037Cross That LineVocals Stem3:06
  • 038Cross That LineKeyboards Stem3:06
  • 039Cross That LineGuitars Stem3:06
  • 040Cross That LineDobro Stem3:06
  • 041Cross That LineBass Stem3:06
  • 042Cross That LineDrums Stem3:06
  • 043DriveFull Mix2:25
  • 044DriveAlt Mix No Vocals2:25
  • 045Drive60sec1:00
  • 046Drive30sec0:30
  • 047Drive15sec0:15
  • 048DriveGuitars Stem2:25
  • 049DriveKeyboards Stem2:25
  • 050DriveDobro Stem2:25
  • 051DriveBass Stem2:25
  • 052DriveDrums Stem2:25
  • 053DriveVocals Stem2:25
  • 054We Bring the FireFull Mix2:53
  • 055We Bring the FireAlt Mix No Lead2:53
  • 056We Bring the Fire60sec1:00
  • 057We Bring the Fire30sec0:29
  • 058We Bring the Fire15 sec0:15
  • 059We Bring the FireVocals Stem2:53
  • 060We Bring the FireKeys Stem2:53
  • 061We Bring the FireGuitars Stem2:53
  • 062We Bring the FireBass Stem2:53
  • 063We Bring the FireDrums Stem2:53
  • 064Won't Stop MeFull Mix2:29
  • 065Won't Stop MeAlt Mix No Melody2:29
  • 066Won't Stop Me60sec1:00
  • 067Won't Stop Me30sec0:30
  • 068Won't Stop Me15 sec0:15
  • 069Won't Stop MeVocals Stem2:29
  • 070Won't Stop MeOrgan Stem2:29
  • 071Won't Stop MeGuitars Stem2:29
  • 072Won't Stop MeBass Stem2:29
  • 073Won't Stop MeDrums Stem2:29
  • 074To the FinishFull Mix3:13
  • 075To the FinishAlt Mix No Vocals3:13
  • 076To the Finish60sec0:59
  • 077To the Finish30sec0:30
  • 078To the Finish15sec0:15
  • 079To the FinishVocals Stem3:13
  • 080To the FinishKeyboards Stem_13:13
  • 081To the FinishKeyboards Stem3:13
  • 082To the FinishGuitars Stem3:13
  • 083To the FinishBass Stem3:13
  • 084To the FinishDrums Stem3:13




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