SSM0152 Dinner For Two Romance

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SSM0152 Dinner For Two Romance SSM0152

Love is in the air with these timeless romantic tracks. Great for Comedy, Life Style and Reality TV.

Space & Sound Music SSM0152

  • 001Before LongFull Mix2:58
  • 002Before LongAlt Mix No Lead2:58
  • 003Before Long60 sec0:59
  • 004Before Long30 sec0:26
  • 005Before Long15 sec0:13
  • 006Before LongSolo Strings Stem2:58
  • 007Before LongStrings Stem2:58
  • 008Before LongWoodwinds Stem2:58
  • 009Let's Date!Full Mix2:05
  • 010Let's Date!Alt Mix No Lead2:05
  • 011Let's Date!60 sec0:59
  • 012Let's Date!30 sec0:30
  • 013Let's Date!15 sec0:12
  • 014Let's Date!Solo Strings Stem2:05
  • 015Let's Date!Woodwinds Stem2:05
  • 016Let's Date!Strings Stem2:05
  • 017Let's Date!Brass Stem2:05
  • 018Let's Date!Atonal Percussion Stem2:05
  • 019Let's Date!Tonal Percussion Stem2:05
  • 020Making PlansFull Mix2:01
  • 021Making PlansAlt Mix No Lead2:01
  • 022Making Plans60 sec0:59
  • 023Making Plans30 sec0:29
  • 024Making Plans15 sec0:15
  • 025Making PlansSolo Strings Stem2:01
  • 026Making PlansStrings Stem2:01
  • 027Making PlansWoodwinds Stem2:01
  • 028Making PlansBrass Stem2:01
  • 029Making PlansTuned Percussion Stem2:01
  • 030Making PlansUntuned Percussion Stem2:01
  • 031When You're With MeFull Mix2:27
  • 032When You're With MeAlt Mix No Lead2:27
  • 033When You're With Me60 sec0:59
  • 034When You're With Me30 sec0:28
  • 035When You're With Me15 sec0:14
  • 036When You're With MeSolo Strings Stem2:27
  • 037When You're With MeStrings Stem2:27
  • 038When You're With MeWoodwinds Stem2:27
  • 039When You're With MeBrass Stem2:27
  • 040When You're With MeAtonal Percussion Stem2:27
  • 041When You're With MeTonal Percussion Stem2:27




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