High Stakes Drama

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High Stakes Drama SSM0150

Suspenseful, forceful and dramatic, this collection of thrilling orchestral tracks features powerful percussion and tenacious strings that will have you sitting at the edge of your seat.

Space & Sound Music SSM0150

  • 001Sooner or laterFull mix2:14
  • 002Sooner or laterAlt Mix No Lead2:14
  • 003Sooner or later60sec0:57
  • 004Sooner or later30sec0:28
  • 005Sooner or later15sec0:12
  • 006Sooner or laterStrings Stem2:14
  • 007Sooner or laterBrass Stem2:14
  • 008Sooner or laterSynth Stem2:14
  • 009Sooner or laterPercussion Stem2:14
  • 010No OxygenFull Mix2:12
  • 011No OxygenAlt Mix No Lead2:12
  • 012No Oxygen60sec1:00
  • 013No Oxygen30sec0:30
  • 014No Oxygen15sec0:14
  • 015No OxygenStrings Stem2:12
  • 016No OxygenBrass Stem2:12
  • 017No OxygenSynth Stem2:12
  • 018No OxygenPercussion Stem2:12
  • 019Against TimeFull Mix2:06
  • 020Against TimeAlt Mix No Lead2:06
  • 021Against Time60sec0:59
  • 022Against Time30sec0:31
  • 023Against Time15sec0:14
  • 024Against TimeStrings Stem2:06
  • 025Against TimeBrass Stem2:06
  • 026Against TimeSynth Stem2:06
  • 027Against TimePercussion Stem2:06
  • 028RushFull Mix2:15
  • 029RushAlt Mix No Lead2:15
  • 030Rush60sec0:58
  • 031Rush30sec0:25
  • 032Rush15sec0:14
  • 033RushStrings Stem2:15
  • 034RushBrass Stem2:15
  • 035RushSynth Stem2:15
  • 036RushPercussion Stem2:15
  • 037High StakesFull Mix2:24
  • 038High StakesAlt Mix No Lead2:24
  • 039High Stakes60sec1:00
  • 040High Stakes30sec0:29
  • 041High Stakes15sec0:15
  • 042High StakesStrings Stem2:24
  • 043High StakesBrass Stem2:24
  • 044High StakesSynth Stem2:24
  • 045High StakesPercussion Stem2:24
  • 046DisbeliefFull Mix2:07
  • 047DisbeliefAlt Mix No Lead2:07
  • 048Disbelief60sec1:00
  • 049Disbelief30sec0:28
  • 050Disbelief15sec0:13
  • 051DisbeliefStrings Stem2:07
  • 052DisbeliefBrass Stem2:07
  • 053DisbeliefSynth Stem2:07
  • 054DisbeliefPercussion Stem2:07
  • 055A Grave DecisionFull Mix2:14
  • 056A Grave DecisionAlt Mix No Lead2:14
  • 057A Grave Decision60sec0:59
  • 058A Grave Decision30sec0:29
  • 059A Grave Decision15sec0:14
  • 060A Grave DecisionBrass Stem2:14
  • 061A Grave DecisionStrings Stem2:14
  • 062A Grave DecisionSynth Stem2:14
  • 063A Grave DecisionPercussion Stem2:14
  • 064Escape SituationFull Mix2:16
  • 065Escape SituationAlt Mix No Lead2:16
  • 066Escape Situation30sec0:29
  • 067Escape Situation60sec0:59
  • 068Escape Situation15sec0:14
  • 069Escape SituationBrass Stem2:16
  • 070Escape SituationStrings Stem2:16
  • 071Escape SituationSynth Stem2:16
  • 072Escape SituationPercussion Stem2:16
  • 073Moving in ShadowsFull Mix2:12
  • 074Moving in ShadowsAlt Mix No Lead2:12
  • 075Moving in Shadows60sec0:58
  • 076Moving in Shadows30sec0:18
  • 077Moving in Shadows15sec0:14
  • 078Moving in ShadowsBrass Stem2:12
  • 079Moving in ShadowsStrings Stem2:12
  • 080Moving in ShadowsSynth Stem2:12
  • 081Moving in ShadowsPercussions Stem2:12
  • 082Now or NeverFull Mix2:00
  • 083Now or NeverAlt Mix No Lead2:00
  • 084Now or Never60sec0:53
  • 085Now or Never30sec0:30
  • 086Now or Never15sec0:14
  • 087Now or NeverStrings Stem2:00
  • 088Now or NeverBrass Stem2:00
  • 089Now or NeverSynth Stem2:00
  • 090Now or NeverPercussion Stem2:00




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